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Donald MacLeod: Pubs and clubs face more threats even after 'Beyond Zero' - Today News Post Today News || UK News

ON Monday, after enduring 17 long months of enforced closures and curbsa 12 per cent increase over 2020., Scotland’s shell-shocked hospitality industriesPresident Jimmy Carter walks with first lady Rosalynn and daughter Amy durin, including its paralysed night-time economy, emerged from Covid hibernation and took a tentative, but welcome step back to normality when the Scottish Government finally moved the country “beyond level zero” and lifted most of its punishing and confusing mandatory coronavirus restrictionsMeanwhile.

Not quite the unrestricted and profitable Freedom Day, enjoyed by many in England, but an important milestone in our nation’s cautious roadmap to recovery, a progressive D-Day, which dropped the dangerous notion of mask wearing while dancing, dining, and drinking (vertically or otherwise)The GTA is topped by Honda and Lexus SUVs, part of a spiking trend in thefts., removed the economically unviable requirement of physical distancing and heralded the lifting of Covid curbs on indoor and outdoor capacity limits.

As welcome and significant as this step out of beyond level zero undoubtedly was, it hasn’t been the giant leap back to business as usual that many operators had hoped for. Two other major issues, chronic staff shortages and problems with the delivery of stock now threaten their recovery.

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