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Recently, after a detailed understanding and investigation of several brands in the diatom mud industry, president Zhang from Nantong finally chose Daqin diatom mud. At the same time, president Zhang's personal strength also won the full affirmation of Daqin diatom mud. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus that the headquarters of Daqin diatom mud authorized president Zhang to be the exclusive agent in Nantong

Nantong, located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province and the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta, was called Tongzhou in ancient times. One of the first 14 coastal cities open to the outside world in China, it borders on the Yellow Sea in the East, the Yangtze River in the south, Shanghai and Suzhou at the invitation of the lights, and Taizhou and Yancheng in the West and North. "According to the meeting of the river and the sea, it chokes the throat of the north and the South", which is known as "North Shanghai". Nantong has an average life expectancy of 80.71 years and 1031 centenarians. It has been awarded the world's first "world longevity capital" by the International Natural Medicine Association and the world longevity Township Certification Committee

the survey shows that safe and environment-friendly interior decoration walls are very popular. The state pays great attention to the environmental protection wall material industry, and has issued relevant policies for many times, striving to support the healthy and steady development of the environmental protection industry. President Zhang of Nantong saw this business opportunity and went to Qingdao Daqin diatom mud headquarters to investigate in person. He spoke highly of a series of diatom mud products of Daqin and highly recognized Daqin's business philosophy of "unity, integrity and win-win". President Zhang said that he was full of confidence in Daqin diatom mud and decided to strive for the agency right of Daqin diatom mud in Nantong

Daqin diatom mud is one of the few large-scale comprehensive enterprises integrating product production, R & D, sales, construction and service in China. After 13 years of accumulation, Daqin has successively launched "inorganic dry powder wall material" scrubbable diatom mud, Daqin three generation "natural weak alkaline" diatom mud, Daqin four generation "natural wind series" diatom mud, Daqin "Plaster" and Daqin breathing brick, which have great development potential, For four consecutive years, it has won the "top ten brands in the diatom mud industry", the top ten brands most loved by consumers, the member unit of the ecological environment building materials branch of the China Building Materials Federation, the drafting unit of the diatom mud industry standard, and the brand listed on CCTV. "It has witnessed the excellent achievements of Daqin diatom mud. Daqin adheres to the comprehensive support policies such as product research and development, construction training, publicity and planning, activity assistance, and opening support, It confirms the determination of Daqin to seek development and win-win results

I believe that with the joint efforts of Zhang and Daqin headquarters, Nantong market will enable more owners to have a truly green, environmental friendly and formaldehyde free indoor living environment





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