Six misunderstandings of environmental protection

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Have you or your friends ever encountered such a situation? The newly decorated new house has been detected to be polluted by the environmental protection monitoring agency, but the materials used in the whole decoration process are natural stone and solid wood. Why are all decoration materials environmentally friendly and polluting? The concept of environmental protection decoration has been put forward for a long time, but is your home really environmental protection decoration? Do you know about environmental protection decoration? What is environmental protection decoration? Xiaobian takes you to see the misunderstandings in environmental protection

first step design is the key

many people believe that environmental protection decoration is a decoration that integrates green environmental protection design, selection of green environmental protection materials and use of environmental protection construction technology. Green decoration is to standardize the decoration processes such as design, materials and construction, so that the air quality after decoration can reach the environmental protection value specified by the state or be within the environmental protection value specified by the state

misunderstanding: green decoration actually includes not only the above problems, but also the pollution problems such as light, gas and noise after design. Some consumers also believe that materials are the key. The first step of design is an important step to lay the foundation. Just as building construction must have a solid foundation, the quality of design affects the quality of enjoying green life in the future

second, pollution superposition leads to exceeding the standard

the so-called environmental protection decorative materials only refer to the release of harmful substances within the national regulations, that is, there will still be a certain amount of harmful gases released. There is an environmental capacity problem in the living room space. If too many environmental protection materials are used, it will also make it difficult for chemical agents to volatilize rapidly. In addition, after using inferior or non-conforming materials, there will be pollution superposition, resulting in serious decoration pollution

misunderstanding: checking the material can get twice the result with half the effort in the decoration process. Consumers should establish a correct decoration concept. Environmental friendly decoration does not mean no pollution

III. avoid over decoration

in the decoration, the original house structure was seriously damaged and there were many mistakes such as the use of toxic and harmful materials. More construction and investment tend to blossom in an all-round way and even add to the snake

misunderstanding: consumers believe that the more diverse the design of home decoration, the more functional spaces and shapes, the more beautiful the design can be, but in this way, the more main and auxiliary materials will be used, and the same pollution sources will be more. The area of each house is different, and the content of harmful substances it can bear is also different. Houses with small areas can naturally bear less harmful substances; Large houses can bear relatively more harmful substances, which cannot be generalized. Home decoration is still simple

IV. ventilation design is the foundation

indoor ventilation is the foundation to ensure a green home, so the spatial layout adopts an open structure, no partitions are set near doors and windows, and exhaust equipment is reasonably increased in kitchens, toilets, and ventilation dead corners

misunderstanding: the discharge of polluting gases after decoration mainly depends on air circulation. Some houses have an air window on the door of each room, which is used for ventilation, and many owners are not interested in this design. They will remove the air window when decorating, or demolish the house in order to make more effective use of space. In fact, it is best to have a draught in the house, and fans should be arranged in the kitchen and bathroom, which is conducive to the flow of air

v. don't ignore the light pollution

reasonable space separation, appropriate color application, and the reasonable collocation of warm and cold tones make the color of the room pleasant and pleasing to the eye, and help alleviate human fatigue. For example, the reasonable layout of glass mirror, stainless steel mirror and decorative painting mirror and the organic combination of lighting can produce a harmonious and comfortable visual sense

misunderstanding: different seasons will cause illusion to people's visual senses. For example, when decorating in winter, people will like some warm colors, but not in summer. Therefore, when decorating, we should use some appropriate colors. Even if we like very warm or cold colors, we also need moderate colors to adjust. In fact, this color can be adjusted by sofa, curtain and bedding

VI. effectively reduce noise

adopt flexible design for friction, collision and other parts, which can effectively reduce indoor noise pollution; Double glass windows or multi-purpose cloth decoration can enhance the isolation and absorption of outdoor noise; The wall surface is moderately rough or the use of non smooth materials can block the spread of noise

misunderstanding: noise pollution mainly comes from kitchens and toilets, but many owners will ignore the noise of toilet and other equipment. In fact, the proposed kitchen and bathroom revolution now includes reducing kitchen noise and toilet silencing





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