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(camellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) aluminum alloy window shed is a platform built above the building door or above the window platform, which is used to block the rain for people and windows. There is a rain shelter, which is a very convenient building facility. In fact, in life, aluminum alloy window shed http://www.dgkadi.com It's not just rain proof. It can avoid falling objects from high altitude from hurting people and also save people

case: in an urban area, a little boy stood on the windowsill on the third floor and was about to fall. The 7-year-old boy stood on the aluminum alloy window shed on the second floor outside the house, about 7 meters above the ground. He twisted the wire of the escape window and climbed out of the security window, and then accidentally fell onto the aluminum alloy window shed on the second floor. Fortunately, the fire squadron rushed to the scene in time and climbed the ladder to successfully save the little boy. If the aluminum alloy window shed is not installed, the consequences of falling down are unbearable

aluminum alloy window shed http://www.dgkadi.com It appears more and more frequently in people's life, and it is a kind of building facility that appears most in many modern buildings. From a high-rise building to a small house with two floors, it has this building facility. The owner plays an increasingly important role in modern life. The aluminum alloy window shed has a long service life and has incomparable advantages over other building decoration materials

how to maintain the aluminum alloy window shed? It should be noted that the membrane surface should be checked and cleaned before the rainy season and winter every year to keep the drainage system of the window shed unblocked; In areas with heavy snow load in the north, necessary emergency measures for snow melting and snow drainage should be taken. After rainfall or heavy snowfall and snow melting, the window shed should be cleaned to avoid ponding




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