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Door, the only way to enter the house; Window, the path of vision. As an old saying goes, "portal" often stands for vital checkpoints and channels. Portal generally refers to the connotation of doors and windows. Doors are the barrier between the outside and the inside, and windows are the communication between the inside and the outside. Doors and windows not only meet the functions of ventilation and lighting, but also have the sustenance of the soul and the precipitation of culture. They open the gap between man and nature, and are the props to interpret poetic feelings Doors and windows are the most important finishing touches of the building facade

from the perspective of architecture, the building exterior window is the most important finishing touch of the building facade and the most vibrant interaction between human residence and nature. "Build ten walls and chisel eight feet of wood" (Han Feizi? External storage said on the top left). The wood, the window is also. If you compare the "wall of ten editions" with the "eight feet of wood", it should be the window wall ratio of the Warring States period in more than 200 BC. In ancient England, there was the proverb "those who have windows are king"

the pursuit of improving the quality of life is the eternal pursuit of mankind. Whether it is the transformation of new buildings or existing buildings, doors and windows, as the most basic element components of buildings, should be considered first. Through the design and transformation of building doors and windows, buildings can emit new vitality. The continuous innovation of architecture makes people enjoy the achievements of architecture while quietly changing people's lifestyle. Building facade design has become one of the important symbols of building quality

the pursuit of window aestheticism in traditional architectural design often ignores the functional role. Even when natural light is regarded as the most instinctive demand, it has actually begun to erode and consume the natural environment. The energy crisis in the 1970s prompted human beings to realize their vulnerability, start to reflect on architecture, re understand architecture, and seek technical means to improve building components, Discuss how to save resources from the whole process of original resource utilization. For the exterior doors and windows of buildings, the control of thermal insulation, the regulation of ventilation, the restriction of sound insulation and noise reduction, and the adaptability to the outside world need the balance of various factors, which are the key points of architects in the new era. The investment in doors and windows is second only to civil engineering in architecture.

doors and windows belong to the peripheral enclosure structure in the construction field. In terms of scale, the area of ordinary residential doors and windows accounts for about 15% of the construction area, and the area of doors and windows in some villa projects accounts for 35% of the construction area. The engineering cost of the project is second only to civil engineering structure. From the perspective of professional subcontracting in the engineering field, it is also a major item and plays a decisive role in the subcontracting of various disciplines. Doors and windows are important means of expression of architecture

architectural style is different due to the constraints of politics, society, economy, building materials and building technology in different times, as well as the influence of architectural design ideas, views and artistic literacy. For example, the architectural style of Gothic architecture, Baroque in the late Renaissance with strange techniques of manipulation, delicate and cumbersome Rococo and other architectural styles. The primary and secondary of ancient architecture in China are distinct. The brick wall and wooden beam structure, cornices, Dougong, caisson and carved beams and painted buildings form a unique Chinese architectural style in China. In all kinds of different architectural styles, doors and windows have become one of the means of expression without exception. For example, Gothic architecture is characterized by towering spires, pointed arches, large windows and stained glass painted with biblical stories. In ancient Chinese architecture, there are various forms of wooden lattices with different meanings on the windows. The common external appearances of European style characterized by ancient Greek and Roman artistic symbols are pink exterior walls, white lines, through flower railings, floating windowsills and green glass windows. Different architectural styles carry different door and window styles. Similarly, different door and window styles also deduce different architectural styles

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