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Hollowing and falling off of ceramic tiles

if the water absorption of ceramic tiles is insufficient, hollowing and falling off will occur when bonding with cement, which is more likely to happen in high-temperature and dry summer. Therefore, whether it is tiling or ground leveling, not only enough water should be used, but also water should be locked to ensure that water does not lose

solution: before tiling, the bottom layer of the finish should not be too dry. It should be poured with water and absorbed for about half an hour to ensure that the bonding is more firm. As the material is drier than usual, it is necessary to extend the soaking time of the ceramic tile to make it fully close to the saturated state. After tiling, it is best to cover a layer of cardboard and pour it through with water, then open the window for ventilation and dry it naturally. If the temperature is high and it doesn't rain for a long time, spray water on the wall with tiles regularly to make it dry slower and stick more firmly

moisture proof wooden floor

continuous high temperature makes people very uncomfortable. In summer, thunderstorms often come unexpectedly. In this humid weather, the wooden floor is very easy to expand and deform. How to damp the wooden floor

solution: first, we should do more waxing care. Wax once half a year or once a year, so that the wooden floor can avoid moisture invasion in the rainy season. It can also be paved with moisture-proof film on the surface of the wooden floor to play the role of moisture-proof. If mildew spots are found on the surface of the wooden floor, wipe it with bleach of soft nature at a dilution ratio of 1 × 3, and then wipe it dry with a rag

wood products paint fogging

in wet seasons, paint construction is difficult, and it dries slowly after painting, and a layer of fog will be produced after the paint absorbs moisture in the air

solution: for wood products, whether painting varnish or mixing oil, remember not to paint in rainy days. In rainy days, it doesn't matter to ask the construction team to do something else first, or even temporarily stop work for two days, so as to avoid problems with the paint in the future

wall “ Sweating and moldy

in wet summer, you often encounter the problem of moldy and odorous latex paint because it dries slowly. If the putty powder is not completely dry, apply putty powder or paint repeatedly, and leave too much water in it, the wall will appear “ Sweating, even large-area cracking

solution: dry the base putty powder during summer construction, and paint the wall after three to four times. After each application of putty powder, the drying time should be extended as much as possible, and ventilation should be done to reduce indoor moisture as much as possible. Moreover, it is best to brush the interface agent before applying putty powder to prevent alkaline substances on the wall from penetrating into the emulsion paint





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