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Hitachi construction machinery North America released new products of 6 series excavators

during March, 2017, all people in the construction machinery industry can visit conexpo-con/agg 2017 North Hall, Hitachi construction machinery North America booth n1525. We can find out why the owners and operators of construction machinery pay attention to Hitachi construction machinery, and Hitachi construction machinery equipment helps them realize their faithful commitment to Party A's customers in engineering construction every day

Hitachi construction machinery North America releases new products of 6 series excavators

at the Hitachi construction machinery booth, you can experience many efficient, reliable and durable Hitachi excavators at a close distance, and you can also communicate with product engineers and learn about new technologies

Hitachi construction machinery showed four main product lines in this exhibition

Hitachi construction machinery showed four main product lines in this exhibition: including compact excavator, general excavator, tailless rotary excavator and main excavator models for engineering construction. At the same time, Hitachi construction machinery has released two new excavators, which will be officially introduced to the market in the next 12 months

Hitachi construction machinery excavator

in addition, Hitachi construction machinery introduced the efficient, reliable and durable construction machinery and equipment provided by its application and development in mining industry by taking advantage of the opportunity of its professional knowledge conference and lecture on site, Carlos Uriarte, channel manager of Hitachi construction machinery North America, said: "the employers of Hitachi construction machinery equipment can feel the benefits brought by the excellent performance and high loyalty of these equipment every day. These will become a part of the theme of this year's CONEXPO - the core of Hitachi 12 and the sample."

Hitachi Jianji booth

all Hitachi jianji-6 series excavators are equipped with Isuzu engines with a Rockwell hardness of 0.001mm on the engine surface, which are highly effective and powerful after long-term development, and do not need fuel exhaust filters, which will reduce operating costs and maintenance time

Hitachi construction machinery excavator

in addition to equipment, Hitachi construction machinery focuses on introducing a series of technical innovations and product design ideas that help contractors reduce operating costs at the exhibition. Among them, a reinforced pre installed excavator grading guidance system will further improve the company's existing grading system

in addition, Hitachi 1 has overcome the difficulties of spray free flow mark and welding line construction. Hitachi construction machinery employees from dozens of countries around the world are waiting for you at any time during the exhibition. They will promptly respond to customers' questions and discuss their engineering equipment procurement needs

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