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Honeywell's acquisition of Huarui scientific instruments, the world's leading gas detection company, is highly profitable and growing, and the industry has a bright future.

China has a high market share and has development opportunities to expand other high growth regions.

it continues a series of successful acquisitions: Zellweger, first technology Sperian and fire sentry company

expand new high growth channels for Honeywell's gas detection product series

Minneapolis, April 25, 2013 -- Honeywell (nyse:hon) today announced that it would sign a final agreement to acquire US Huarui scientific instruments (hereinafter referred to as Huarui instruments) at a price of US $340million. Huarui instrument is a privately held enterprise. It is a manufacturer of fixed and portable gas and radiation detection systems and related software. The acquisition price of USD 340million is approximately 13 times of the estimated 2013 earnings (EBITDA, before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) of Huarui instrument, or 6 times of the adjusted earnings after optimization with Honeywell's gas portfolio. The agreement follows the regular closing conditions including regulatory review, and is expected to be closed in the second quarter of 2013, without changing Honeywell's 2013 full year profit forecast

US Huarui Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. provides a complete series of personal, handheld, movable and fixed gas, radiation and photoionization sensing and monitoring equipment for the government, oil and gas, industry and emergency response industries, which are widely used in personal and factory safety and compliance. In 2012, it achieved sales of about us $107million. Many global leading enterprises and government agencies in more than 120 countries around the world, as well as many cities and state government agencies in the United States, are using Huarui instruments' products

mark levy, President and CEO of Honeywell's life safety division, said: with unparalleled technology, Huarui scientific instruments is a pioneer in the gas detection industry. Their strength in hazardous materials, emergency response equipment and close contacts with government agencies complement our existing business. Their expertise in photoionization detection, wireless and radiation detection has provided us with huge development opportunities. The geographical distribution, manufacturing and distribution layout of Huarui instruments, especially in high growth countries such as China, will further promote the development of our already strong gas detection business and develop into a business with more global influence in this advantageous industry. The development strategy of Huarui instrument and Honeywell is extremely consistent. The relative humidity shall not be greater than 80%

Huarui scientific instruments was established in 1991. The company is located in San Jose, California, with about 750 employees. The company will be integrated into Honeywell detector department; The detector department belongs to Honeywell life safety division under Honeywell automation control system group (ACS)

previously, Honeywell Life Safety Division has successfully acquired several companies, including Zellweger analytics in 2005, first technology in 2006, sperian's gas detection business in 2010 and fire sentry in 2012. Honeywell life safety division's gas derived quotient detection product portfolio includes technologies that can meet various gas detection requirements, including industrial fire and gas systems, portable gas detection, flame and centralized gas supply monitoring systems, and systems suitable for commercial building environments. Honeywell has now integrated nearly 200 years of gas detection design, manufacturing and technical expertise

Honeywell () is a diversified, high-tech advanced manufacturing enterprise, one of the fortune 100. In the world, its business involves aviation products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, turbocharger and characteristic materials. Honeywell is headquartered in Morris, New Jersey, USA, and its shares are listed and traded on the New York, London and Chicago stock exchanges. Honeywell's history in China can be traced back to 1935. At that time, Honeywell opened the first distributor in Shanghai to simultaneously check whether each limit switch worked. At present, Honeywell's four major business groups have all settled in China, and the Asia Pacific headquarters of all its business departments have also moved to China, with a number of branches and joint ventures in 20 cities in China. Honeywell's employee attachments in China can be roughly divided into: stretching attachments and tightening attachments, and the number of employees is about 12000. For more company information, please visit Honeywell station

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