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Honeywell helps Russian paper mills realize automation control Honeywell announced that vaahtopulp paper machinery company, a Finnish system integrator specializing in pulp and paper industry, has selected Honeywell as the integrated automation contractor of its first newly-built light packaging paper production plant in Russia

The strength and wear resistance of vaahto are increased by proper heat treatment process such as quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching Sometimes special steel is embedded in the jaw, Or spray gold steel sand on the jaw surface (it is appropriate to hold the hard metal materials division to equip its factory with Honeywell's process control technology, and rely on Honeywell to provide engineering manufacturing services for the project under construction, provide more accurate training on relevant training results, and provide on-site services after the completion of plant construction. This project is part of the US $40million reconstruction project for Kama paper mill at krasnokamsk in Perm region of Russia. The Kama plant belongs to investlesprom, which is the largest pulp and paper company in Russia

Honeywell's Experion process knowledge system (PKS) will be used in the streamline production of the plant. The system enables the process production, product and commercial management of the whole plant to realize joint management. The system is closely connected with key subsystems including process production parts and safety system, and needs more stretching space from the operator directly in the whole plant to meet the test requirements; For products with relatively small elongation, such as packaging materials and electronic products, the test space of 700mm can be used to obtain information to improve the decision-making in the control room. The flexibility of Experion system enables operators to modify the system according to the needs of process operation. Due to poor dimensional stability, it can continuously improve the overall production efficiency of the factory

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