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Honeywell expands its strength in the field of clean energy

Honeywell announced today that it will sign an agreement to acquire RMG group (RMG Regel + Messtechnik GmbH and all subsidiaries of RMG) for us $400million. RMG is a supplier of natural gas measurement and control products, services and solutions in Germany. It will be integrated into the process control department of Honeywell automation control group. The transaction has been submitted to legal approval

rmg group, located in Kassel, Germany, was founded in 1931, focusing on the design and production of natural gas control, measurement and analysis equipment, including flow metering technology, regulation products and safety equipment for oil and gas companies. In 2009, the turnover of RMG further improved the battery performance through the development of new materials, which is estimated to be about 290million US dollars

normangilsdorf, President of Honeywell process control, said: "The global demand for gas, especially clean energy such as natural gas, whose parameters have a low impact on the layering of composite special drill bits, is increasing day by day. As a well-known supplier in the industry, RMG's technology will complement our industrial platform and ultimately enable us to provide solutions covering the entire gas supply chain for existing and emerging customers. This is extremely beneficial to our thirst for knowledge business development and will strongly promote Our performance in the global clean energy industry. "

this acquisition will enhance Honeywell's ability and position in the fields of natural gas transportation, storage, distribution and industrial consumption. RMG is closely related to Honeywell's field instruments and control solutions. For example, RMG gas flow meters and regulating equipment complement Honeywell's pressure and temperature transmitters and natural gas level meters. At the same time, the acquisition of RMG also supports Honeywell's ability to provide solutions to enhance energy efficiency Strategy. Nearly 50% of Honeywell's existing technologies achieve energy conservation and efficiency. As an alternative clean energy, natural gas is increasingly used in mature and emerging markets around the world

henning bhren, CEO of RMG group, said: "When the impact testing machine is added to Honeywell, our business, customers and employees will benefit from it. RMG is already the world's leading enterprise in the industry. This acquisition will provide us with broader growth opportunities and distribution channels, enabling us to expand our product sales today when the demand for clean energy is increasing. Honeywell industrial solutions will enable us to provide enhanced automation and control for global customers Solution. "

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