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Heshan City has built a national printing industrial park

with more than 200 printing enterprises and an annual output value of 2.3 billion yuan. Heshan City, which was officially awarded the title of "China's printing industrial base" last week, is brewing an "industrial revolution" -- building a national printing industrial park

■ background

printing industry is one of the pillar industries of Heshan City. At present, there are more than 200 printing enterprises in Heshan City, with an annual output value of 2.3 billion yuan. The export of printed matter ranks third in the province, second only to Shenzhen and Dongguan. With the settlement of Hongxing Printing Co., Ltd., which ranks first in the national comprehensive printing industry, in Heshan this year, the top two enterprises in the national comprehensive printing industry have settled in Heshan (the second is Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd.)

in the 21st century, Heshan's printing industry has achieved leapfrog development by taking advantage of its industrial advantages and geographical advantages adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. A large-scale modern printing city has emerged in Heshan. In the 11th five year plan, Heshan City positioned the printing industry as the industry most likely to achieve breakthrough, focused on its cultivation, and put forward the slogan of building China's printing industry base. Last week, good news came that China Light Industry Federation officially awarded Heshan the honorary title of "China printing industry base", and Heshan printing industry ushered in another spring of development

status quo

four advantages improve the industrial level

in Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., the tall, brand-new and valuable Heidelberg five-color printing machine is running at a high speed. The printing products casually taken out of the machine are clear pictures and bright colors. Today's Heshan printing enterprises have gathered the most advanced printing and plate making equipment in the world: there are only 8 Heidelberg high-speed printing and polishing machines put into use nationwide, and there are 2 in Heshan City; There are more than 90 computer direct plate making output systems put into use in the printing industry of Guangdong Province, including more than 70 in Heshan City

looking back on the development of Heshan printing industry in the past ten years, you will find that the industry is gradually changing from a labor-intensive industry regulated by the national macro policy to a technology intensive industry. In recent years, Heshan City has introduced a number of powerful foreign-invested enterprises with first-class equipment, advanced technology. These enterprises have brought advanced printing equipment and new management concepts, effectively improved the production level and market competitiveness of local printing enterprises, formed the "banyan effect", and promoted the overall level of Heshan printing industry

according to the data, there are nearly 200 printing enterprises in Heshan City so far. In 2005, the total value of printing industry in Heshan City was 2.76 billion yuan, and the total output value of printing enterprises above designated size was 1.34 billion yuan, accounting for 14% of the total industrial output value of Heshan City. Gulaoyatushi Printing Co., Ltd., Longkou Jinglian Printing Co., Ltd., Taoyuan Seiko gravure plate making Co., Ltd., Jiada Kese Printing Co., Ltd., ZTE composite packaging printing material factory and many other enterprises have jointly highlighted the brand of Heshan printing

some people have summarized four important reasons for the rapid development of Heshan's printing industry: first, the industry has a long history. There are enterprises set up by Heshan villagers in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan, which have the advantage of human resources; Secondly, it has the advantage of leading enterprises. There are 9 Enterprises above Designated Size, whose output value accounts for more than half of the national industrial output value; Third, Heshan has a good foundation for developing the printing industry, and the enterprise workers are relatively concentrated; Fourth, the government attaches importance to it, with loose policy environment, high-quality services and superior geographical conditions

planning part

planning the national industrial park

with the 325 national highway as the vertical axis and the JIANGSHA industrial corridor as the horizontal axis, the two largest printing enterprises in Heshan, Artus and Hongxing, are located at both ends of the group, and a number of private printing enterprises such as Longkou Jinglian Printing Co., Ltd., Taoyuan Jinggong gravure plate making Co., Ltd., Jiada Kese Printing Co., Ltd. and ZTE composite packaging printing material factory are distributed among them, Heshan printing industry base, led by Gulao Riverside Industrial Development Zone and Yayao Chaoyang Industrial Zone, is taking shape

after the title of "China printing industry base" is settled, the competent department of Heshan municipal government will specially set up the China printing industry base management committee to strengthen centralized and unified management. The goal of the city is to establish a printing industry base in the forefront of China, with a number of well-known printing enterprises at home and abroad and a considerable number of self owned intellectual property rights; Establish industry testing center, international cooperation and technology exchange center, talent exchange and training center, base service center, industry information center and international convention and Exhibition Center; It has become an industrial base with strong influence and radiation, integrating high-tech talents, equipment, high-tech and large-scale enterprises, facing the world

planning industrial parks, taking the road of cluster development and intensive management are important measures for Heshan City to build China's printing industry base. Now the city is planning to build national and provincial printing industrial parks, and gradually form a relatively complete printing industry chain in the park. According to the planning idea, the printing industry base should speed up the structural adjustment and increase the investment attraction. Through the introduction of advanced equipment, technical personnel and advanced management concepts brought by multinational companies, it should first cut off the power supply cooperation to form a wide range of exchanges at home and abroad, drive the overall accelerated development of the industry, and build an urban industrial park; In addition, it is necessary to accelerate the improvement of the construction of basic industries and service industries, so as to maintain a certain scale suitable for the needs of urban development, so as to meet the needs of the rapid development of the printing industry; We should adhere to innovation, drive the modernization of the printing industry with informatization, and do not follow the old path of low-level and repeated construction; We should break the old rules and customs such as regional protection and administrative barriers, give play to the role of the market in allocating resources, and speed up the process of the printing market


achieve breakthroughs in four aspects

go straight along the Xijiang levee, and the blue and yellow plants stretch for hundreds of meters. This is Asia's largest printing Co., Ltd. Artus, which is the largest exporter of printing industry in Guangdong Province. At present, the production base of Hongxing group, the strongest printing enterprise in Guangdong Province, in Yayao town is about to be put into production; A number of enterprises with high technology content and high industrial relevance, such as Toyo ink and Meili Paper, have settled down one after another; Guangdong senior technical school settled in Heshan City to establish a printing Education Park; In addition, the title of "China's printing industry base" has a very high gold content, which indicates that Heshan's printing industry will usher in another spring of development

according to the analysis of relevant experts, the current pattern of the world printing industry is facing changes and adjustments. China's domestic production costs are low. In the future, more Hong Kong businessmen and foreign-funded enterprises will choose to operate the printing industry in the mainland. With the broad market and the steady development of the macroeconomic environment, China is likely to become an important printing production base in the world; At the same time, China's domestic market is huge. With the vigorous development of the mainland economy, the development prospect of the domestic printing industry is very optimistic. After more than 20 years of development, Heshan printing has a considerable scale. With its strong industrial foundation, open and reliable testing business philosophy and unremitting efforts, Heshan printing will surely win greater development opportunities in the process of the adjustment of the world printing industry pattern and the formation of the domestic printing industry pattern

for the development of the printing industry, Heshan municipal Party committee and government expressed great hope and listed it as the dominant industry that is most likely to achieve breakthrough growth among the six pillar industries, and hoped to achieve breakthroughs in the following four aspects: first, carry out macro-control planning for the layout of the industrial aggregate structure, optimize the industrial structure with structural adjustment as the main line, change the situation of excess low-level printing capacity and insufficient high-level printing capacity, and make enterprises focus on quality Benefit oriented transformation; The second is to focus on the material supply and logistics distribution of commercial printing where the Brinell hardness value is obtained by dividing the experimental force by the indentation spherical surface area, so as to promote the extension of the industrial chain; Third, actively encourage the participation of private capital and vigorously support the private printing industry to become bigger and stronger; Fourth, attach importance to regional cooperation, give full play to the role of industry associations, strengthen the linkage with the Pearl River Delta, domestic and foreign printing enterprises, strengthen publicity, and enhance the image of Heshan printing industry

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