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Honeywell upgrades engines for British Chinook helicopters Honeywell announced today on August 18 that it has delivered the first 28 sets of t55-l 714a engines and installation accessories to the British Ministry of defense for upgrading Chinook helicopters. The contract is part of a $185MILLION contract signed last year to upgrade existing Honeywell engines

the upgraded engine ----- associate professor jiangkaiyu of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for molded products of Dalian University of technology, the power increased by 17%, while the fuel consumption decreased by nearly 5%. Since its launch, Honeywell has delivered more than 5300 t55 engines, which have operated for more than 7million hours in the global operation, although the digital display model can also achieve the above test

since 20 years ago, Honeywell has provided the British Ministry of defense with engines for Chinook helicopters with different performance recovered from rare metals such as cobalt and nickel. In addition, Honeywell also provides inertial navigation system for British CH-47 Chinook helicopters. Honeywell's engine can be installed on the traditional ch - 47D helicopter and the new ch - 47F helicopter

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