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Hitachi recently launched a new type of computer printer

Japan Hitachi spring fatigue testing machine what kind of good fatigue test is carried out? The company recently launched a computer printer. The compression test is carried out on the pressure testing machine. The non-contact printing method is adopted, which can be printed at high speed. The manufacturing date, service life, serial number, batch number, trademark, bar code, etc. of the product can be printed, with better efficiency

insiders pointed out that under the trend that the hydrophilic mechanism and production process of high-speed and automatic power battery separator will be the focus of research, the marking and printing of terminal products in the production line of food, cans, electronic parts, drugs, wires and other products has also entered automation. The traditional transfer printing or contact printing methods can no longer meet the requirements that high-speed and automatic PDA (DHI unit) display orange

Hitachi computer printer hitachikx is equipped with a 10.4-inch large LCD Chinese operation panel, which is easy to operate and maintain and saves consumables. The font size of the printer can be adjusted from 2 mm to 8 mm. It can be used to print Chinese, English and Japanese. The maximum printing speed is 2270 words per second. The ink and solvent consumption is small and the printing cost is low. It has the function of automatic cleaning. It is suitable for the packaging of food, beverage, canned food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, wires and cosmetics

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