How to prevent ice jam in the hottest high and low

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How to prevent ice jam in high and low temperature test chamber

are you still worried about ice jam during the use of high and low temperature test chamber? In fact, no matter what equipment or appliance it is, it is enough to adjust the speed and guide customers to comply with China's inspection and quarantine laws and regulations within the range of 1~500mm/min. There will be some small problems, such as: frequent switching of LCD TV will lead to premature aging of kinescope; Long time low temperature test in high and low temperature test chamber will lead to ice blockage and so on. In this way, preventive measures are particularly important. Considering these problems, Beijing yashilin provides users with effective preventive methods for your reference:

first, after the equipment runs at a low temperature, it may not affect the task. After the task is completed, adjust the temperature to 60 and the humidity to the lowest, and the ice will slowly melt and evaporate

second, pressurization leak test can completely eliminate the water in the intake part and keep the water out of the door, which is also the key to prevent ice blockage

next, I will explain several consumable parts of the universal experimental machine. Third, make a high-efficiency drying filter: find an iron can with a sealing cover, drill a 6cm round hole at the bottom of the box, weld a section of ¢ copper pipe at the round hole, put about 200 grams of dry calcium chloride (large pieces) made (also depending on the effective volume of the iron can) into thick nylon socks or nylon cloth bags, put it into the iron can and cover it tightly, Plug the two pipe orifices firmly when not in use to prevent moist air from entering. When in use, pull out the plug and connect the exhaust port with the compressor inlet pipe. After use, be sure to seal the two pipe orifices firmly

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