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Ten categories of packaging machinery that should be given priority in China

nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; According to the analysis of relevant experts, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, China's packaging equipment should give priority to the development of the following ten categories of products: nbsp

l. Complete sets of equipment for corrugated board production, box making and printing. Focus on the development of more than 2 meters. Every year, there are several 10 patent wide five layer, seven layer and nine layer corrugated board production equipment and its box making (box) printing complete equipment, and its stable production speed should be more than 180 meters/minute; And actively develop complete sets of honeycomb paperboard equipment. nbsp;

2. Complete equipment for beer and beverage filling. To develop production lines with a production capacity of more than 100000 tons/year, we should overcome the technical difficulties of labeling machines and develop multi-functional, fully automatic and large-scale equipment with the characteristics of high speed, low consumption, accurate measurement, automatic detection and so on. nbsp;

3. Bag forming, filling and sealing equipment. Develop market recognition, further improve the exhibition of serialized products and supporting devices, and improve the packaging speed. At the same time, it is suitable for packaging machines with single film and composite film. nbsp;

4. Wrapping equipment. Improve the reliability of products and bag/minute. The power battery industry with excess capacity is in the throes of structural adjustment nbsp

5. Sterile packaging equipment. Develop cup type sterile small packaging machinery products to fill the domestic gap. nbsp;

6. Complete set of canning equipment. Develop mercury free welding wheel and special power supply to improve production speed. nbsp;

7. Heavy bag packaging equipment. Actively develop automatic heavy bag packaging equipment with a production capacity of 600-800 bags/hour. nbsp;

8 it is applicable to the mechanical experiment, boxing and cartoning equipment of steel plants, quality inspection stations, scientific research, colleges and universities and other units. Focus on the development of various forms of external packaging equipment, such as boxing. The packaging equipment for small items should simplify the structure and improve the speed and reliability. nbsp;

9. Strapping and packaging equipment. Develop various forms of strapping machinery, and promote the automation level of fruit and vegetable, daily necessities, and industrial material packaging. nbsp;

10. Measuring equipment. Actively study and master the technology of combined electronic scales, develop a variety of measurement methods, and match with automatic packaging equipment

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