How to prevent electrical fire in the most intelli

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How to prevent electrical fire in smart power system

electrical fire has always been a major hidden danger that puzzles us. Electrical fire endangers our production and life. However, with the continuous development of economy and society, people are increasingly dependent on electricity. In today's society with the continuous improvement of electrification level, we use scientific and technological means to prevent electrical fire, remote supervision through cloud platform, and visualization of power use, The mobile app application captures the factors that are prone to electrical fires for all-round monitoring, effectively curbing electrical fires and preventing fires. Smart electricity is a hidden danger of electricity safety. The supervision service system is a fire prevention system. What is a smart power system, and how does this system achieve fire prevention and disaster prevention

first, what is smart power system

min customized the design and production of automotive aluminum products for it. Tai Technology (dianmaomao northwest operation center) dianmaomao smart power safety hazard monitoring service system has the advantages of intelligence and humanization. Through innovative intelligent sensors, it can accurately monitor the changes of leakage, current, temperature and so on in the line all day, and the data is transmitted to the cloud platform in real time, So as to realize the efficient transmission of electrical safety data from the site to the cloud and from the cloud to app, and realize the big data analysis of multiple electrical safety hazards such as leakage and leakage, arc, overload, short circuit, abnormal cable temperature, etc. When the electric leakage, current and temperature in the line are abnormal and reach the early warning value, the alarm signal can be sent immediately and the fault point can be accurately reported. The app automatically notifies relevant personnel, so as to promote relevant personnel to investigate the potential electrical fire hazards in time

second, how to prevent electrical fire in the smart power system

1. As an early warning and prevention system, some users still use origin and other more professional graphics processing software for later data processing. The alarm function of the power safety hidden danger supervision service system is one of its special available anti-counterfeiting technologies, including: point. Once the system detects abnormal data, it will start the alarm system and send an early warning message in a short time to remind relevant personnel to troubleshoot the problem. The alarm function can be arranged according to different sites and purposes. In some important places, increasing the layout density will more effectively prevent electrical fires. Full recording of early warning information is also a major feature of the system. Historical records are stored and retrieved at any time, which is convenient and fast

2. Smart is the monitoring service system for potential safety hazards of power consumption. Another major feature is the remote monitoring of cloud platform. Its LCD materials have been in long-term cooperation with Merck, Zhisuo and Yongsheng huaqinggou, the world's three major LCD manufacturers. The data monitored by the detector is instantly transmitted to the remote supervision of the cloud platform to realize real-time monitoring and analysis. The cloud computing function can quickly detect abnormal data, and the abnormal data will be sent by the system to the early warning system to achieve the purpose of disaster prevention and early warning

3. Intelligence is the monitoring service system for hidden dangers of electricity safety. The main feature of Zui is to realize remote monitoring anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are

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