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Do you really know glass film

glass film has played a great role in daily life, and began to enter people's daily life. It is precisely because of these advantages that they have been liked and praised by more and more people and have been widely used in people's lives. But many people still have questions about the glass film. In order to let you have a deeper understanding, let's go into the world of glass film to find out:

1 Will the light be affected after the film is applied

when the light transmittance of the window film is between 20% and 70%, it can ensure that the indoor lighting environment is comfortable without depression. Reducing the entrance of outdoor light, that is, the method of reducing indoor daylighting, is indeed part of the reason why the window film plays a role. However, at the beginning of the design, the high-quality architectural window film takes into account the impact of the window film on indoor daylighting, and designs products with different light transmittance to meet the needs of different customers

2. Can curved glass windows be pasted

building film is based on pet with high toughness, which has good shrinkage performance and can be installed completely and smoothly, but it must be constructed by professionals

3. Do you still need to hang curtains after applying the film

choose the type of film according to personal preferences. Under normal circumstances, the kitchen, bathroom and restaurant can not be equipped with curtains, which saves the trouble of hanging and cleaning curtains, and also adds the visual effect and fashion sense of doors and windows

4. Is it necessary to apply a film to the insulating glass at home

insulating glass has good sound insulation effect, but its heat insulation and ultraviolet ray insulation effect are not good. If the glass film is installed on the inner glass, its heat insulation effect is more significant, it can effectively block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, and prevent the splash after the glass is broken

5. After the film is applied in summer, the heat is isolated. Will it feel cold at home in winter

because the heat sources in summer and winter are different, summer blocks the solar heat energy, and winter preserves the indoor temperature. If you choose thermal insulation film, the thermal insulation effect will be better in winter. You can enjoy it all year round after applying the film

6 The home is already tempered glass, do you still need to stick a safety film

tempered glass has a self explosion rate of 4 ‰ when it leaves the factory, and will produce self explosion under uneven stress. After installing the safety explosion-proof film, even if it produces self explosion, it will not splash everywhere

7. How long can the coated glass last

the film is firmly bonded to the glass and will not fall off in 10-15 years under normal conditions, so it can be used safely

8. If rain enters the window, will the membrane fall off

the building membrane not only has explosion-proof and anti-collision functions, but also has the function of rainproof

9. How to clean the glass doors and windows after coating

after 15 days of construction, clean the doors and windows with towels or soft lint free cloth dipped in household detergent

10. What's good about coated glass

1 talking about the future development direction of medical materials, heat insulation, thermal insulation 2, safety and explosion-proof 3, UV protection 4, anti glare 5, easy to create private space 6, enhance visual effects 7, high temperature resistance and fire prevention

11 Is the glass film pasted outside or indoors

at present, "made in China" generally speaking, both home decoration glass film and automobile glass film are pasted on the inner side of the glass, which can prolong the service life. There are different indoor glass films, which means that I didn't expect a grass-roots entrepreneur to better avoid the fading of indoor objects and protect everything in the room from premature damage or the health threat of ultraviolet radiation to residents

as the Chinese government pays attention to energy conservation, glass film has been widely used in major well-known buildings

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