AkzoNobel launched a new type of waterborne coil p

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AkzoNobel launched a new type of water-based coil primer

AkzoNobel of the Netherlands announced that a new type of water-based coil primer has been launched, and the product can be used in the pretreatment stage of coil coating, so as to change the two-way coil production process into a single line, greatly improving production efficiency

according to the company, the traditional production process of double coating system color coated plate requires two times of curing of primer and finish paint respectively, while the company's new products can be used in the chemical pretreatment stage of coil production process, and the curing temperature is only 80 ℃, so its curing can be completed in the pretreatment stage, and in the later stage, only one time of curing of finish paint is required to realize the double coating system, thus realizing the goal of productivity multiplication. In addition, the product can also help customers reduce energy consumption, which is also consistent with the company's strategy of providing customers with products that are more in line with the direction of sustainable development, and obtain higher product value with a small amount of resource consumption

at present, the sales volume of industrial coatings business accounts for about half of AkzoNobel's total annual sales, mainly marine coatings and architectural industrial coatings. Although its coil coatings are also an important variety, they account for a relatively small proportion in the company's product structure

in February 2016, according to the influence of the size of different parts of the structure on the deflection of the beam and the characteristics of structural stress distribution, AkzoNobel announced that it would acquire the industrial coating business of BASF Group (Germany), involving products including coil coatings, foil coatings (also known as foil coatings, which can be used in furniture decoration and other fields), wind power and general industrial coatings

BASF coil coating business currently ranks among the top three in the world. It is mainly used in the production of color steel and color aluminum, and is widely used in industrial plants, buildings, automobiles and household appliances, with an annual sales of about 500million euros. For this acquisition, AkzoNobel said that the acquisition will further strengthen the coil coating business, 5 The hanging pendulum adopts a buffer device and will conform to its existing business structure optimization

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