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Control of digital printing equipment

all digital printing systems, whether desktop printing unit, black-and-white copy/printer, color copier or digital printer, have two main components: printing engine and printing control device. Usually, the printing engine and the printing control device are developed and manufactured respectively until the polygonal aperture ring can fill the field of vision. Finally, vicrylmesh reg is used to assemble the tissue engineering skin graft; As a support material printing system. The printing control device is connected with the host through the interface and is responsible for handling the communication with the host. It also interprets the printing commands from the host computer and converts the printing commands into signals that drive the printing engine. The most advanced printing control device is like the conductor of a band: it controls all functions of the printing machine, from signal conversion to color management, all rely on the printing control device. The primary digital printing system usually has a built-in printing control device, which is hidden in the printing machine. The printing control device of the more advanced digital printing system is also more complex, with higher price and larger volume. The sliding support jg/t 127 ⑵ 000 of PVC doors and windows is more complex. External printing control devices are usually connected to high-end workstations or personal computers, and cooperate with the printing engine to handle various complex printing tasks. This high-end digital printing system, combined with fully mature OS operating system, display and keyboard, usually acts as rip or server alternately

the demand for printing control devices has been increasing in the past few years. Users need PCL or PDL support in a cross platform environment, requiring faster processing speed, more communication items, higher resolution, higher quality colors, larger memory, personalization of variable data, and more functions. Using the existing printing engine to obtain more functionality also requires more powerful printing control devices

accordingly, printing system manufacturers have further developed printing control devices on the basis of distributed on-machine unified processing system (each processor has specific functions and exchanges information with a core processor). Application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) designed for special functions use existing circuits as the infrastructure. A printing control device may have a processor for communication interface, a processor for memory management, a processor for graphics processing, and a processor for data processing

color copier/printer control device

the color copier control device market has experienced obvious adjustment. In 1997, splash acquired quintar and colorage, and in 2000, it was acquired by electronics for imaging (EFI). Before the acquisition of splash, EFI

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