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Marble, also known as dolomite, is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium, silicon, etc., which is relatively soft. The weathering resistance is poor, so the worn surface is easy to lose luster. According to the wear degree of the stone surface, we choose to carry out light, medium and deep stone renovation

marble renovation is a process of cleaning, grinding and polishing the marble surface paved on the marble floor, walls (or external walls), countertops, column positions and other phenomena such as no joints, pollution, weathering, holes, and dullness with the help of reagents, stone renovation care machinery, tools, etc., to restore its brightness to the same as that before the initial installation and paving, and to make the marble surface more ornamental. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the marble renovation process and marble maintenance methods

marble renovation process

1. Install 20-30kg heavy iron on the crystal face machine (workers should also pay attention to the ground balance of the machine when starting up). Install 30

2. Start the faceting machine to grind and renovate two 80cmx80cm marbles. It is required to grind them evenly, not stop at a certain position, and renovate them slowly (because too fast speed will cause the needle disc to be unbalanced, and the renovated disc will grind uneven grinding lines). The joints of each marble can be ground for more time, because all floors are slightly higher and harder on four sides in general

3. During the grinding process, it will be found that the clear water is gradually turbid. Scrape the turbid water with glass, and then apply 400 grams of clear water to continue grinding. When it is found that the clear water is gradually turbid again, stop the machine at this time, scrape the turbid water with glass to inspect the renovation of the brick surface. The normal renovation effect standard is: the stone has a new scene, dull and Matt, the grinding lines are uniform, flat and slippery, the old scars of the brick disappear 100%, and the joints on the four sides are flat and dark, If the grinding is not in place, there will be bright areas or black stains

4. After absorbing the sewage, you can choose to brush the surrounding of the construction area manually, then wash the whole ground with a red mat machine, and absorb the sewage with a water suction machine

5. After the renovation standard of 30 # is completed, the sewage is sucked, the clean water is reapplied, and the refurbished disc of 50 # is replaced to continue grinding, and the procedures of 1, 2 and 3 are repeated

6. Use 150 ; (800 # needs to be ground for a long time to eliminate small wear marks. 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 # requires less water during renovation)

7. Until m# is finished, the stone surface has shown a good finish, but it is slightly hazy, and the pores are dense, extremely small and difficult to find, flat and smooth

8. Spray crystal powder on the ground (5-10 ml per square meter), use crystal nano pad with 175 speed crystal surface machine, and grind slowly and evenly every two square meters for about 3-5 minutes

9. Wash the ground with machine and polish it after the ground is dry

10. Push the ground with dust, withdraw protective articles, and the operation is completed

marble maintenance method

once or twice a week, spray a small amount of crystal surface maintenance agent or crystal hard powder on the clean or cleaned ground with the stone care machine equipped with nano wool pad (cleaning pad) (if there is a 300-400 RPM machine is better) (crystal hard powder must be added with water, and the amount of water depends on the humidity. When the weather is dry, the amount of water should be more.) 1-2 grams per square meter

apply it evenly with stone care machine, and then grind it until it is bright. Finally, use a dust pusher to clean the dust on the ground. It shall be sprayed and ground in sections, with each section of 1-2 square meters. The cleaning pad should be kept clean. Too much powder will affect the effect; If dirt is found, use it on the other side in reverse until both sides are stained, and then replace it with a new one. Depending on the working area, bring enough cleaning pads with you. The soiled ones should be washed and dried before use

on the smooth dark ground, the cleaning pad can be changed into a steel wool pad, which has a better effect. However, it should be noted that the ground will be black if the ground is not smooth or the steel wool pad is stained. Local maintenance: lay waterproof mats at the door and in the middle of the crowded road to prevent sand from scratching the crystal surface

for local maintenance 1-2 times a month, put the crystal face maintenance agent into the watering can first, shake it evenly for standby. Match the stone care machine with the red cleaning pad or steel wool pad, spray the crystal surface maintenance agent on the clean or cleaned stone surface dispersedly, coat the ground with the stone care machine (about 1-2 square meters), and then grind it dry slowly and evenly, that is, it is bright. Do it paragraph by paragraph

note that the crystal surface maintenance agent should be ground evenly on the ground immediately. If you find that somewhere is uneven and leaves a shadow, you can add a small amount and grind it again. At first, the cleaning pad is very dry, so you should add more crystal surface maintenance agent, and then it can be reduced slightly. If the working area is large, two stone care machines should be used as a group, one is responsible for distribution and grinding, and the other is responsible for polishing. The efficiency and effect are significantly improved. Finally, use a dust pusher to clean the powder on the ground

editor's summary: that's all for the marble renovation process and marble maintenance methods. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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