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Cabinet is not only a large structure, the distribution should be reasonable, and the use and arrangement of all spaces in the cabinet is very important. There are countless kitchen utensils placed in the cabinet, and the most important thing is to classify them

I. install lights under the hanging cabinet in the meal preparation area

the most important function of the meal preparation area is to cut vegetables and prepare the food for cooking. It is impossible to operate in this area without enough light. But many kitchens are only equipped with ceiling lights when they are decorated. It is better to install a small lamp under the hanging cabinet in the dining area to ensure sufficient light in the area. Although the cabinet has put all the kitchen utensils, large and small, into the cabinet, as soon as you open the cabinet door and open the cabinet drawer, the pots, bowls, ladles and basins are piled everywhere, messy. This is caused by unreasonable space division in the cabinet

second, adjust the position of kitchen utensils

there are countless kitchen utensils placed in the cabinet. The most important thing is to classify them and place them in the corresponding cabinets in the three operation areas of washing area, preparation area and stove area according to their use functions

first is the washing area. In addition to placing bowls and plates in the hanging cabinet above, the large cabinet under the sink must be used. It is recommended to place all the vegetable washing basins, water filtering baskets, rice washing machines, washing supplies, etc. below. Naturally, the kitchen board, kitchen knife, scissors and other tools should be stored in the ground cabinet in the preparation area, and the plates and bowls used for preparing meals should be selected and placed in the hanging cabinet above. In addition, rice barrels, oil barrels, flour barrels, etc. can also be placed in the vegetable preparation area according to the actual volume. All kinds of pots and shovels should belong to the stove area, especially all kinds of spices

third, large drawers and dividing frames

drawers are actually the best used in cabinets, but many people at home do not use drawers well, but they will have the feeling of not storing enough and putting things in a mess. It is necessary to add a dividing frame in the drawer to divide the drawer into multiple areas and place items in categories according to needs. If you put a storage tank of appropriate size in the drawer, it can also play the role of partition and subdivide the drawer space. Of course, there is also a way to partition the fresh-keeping box. As long as you let the partition into the drawer according to the drawer size and your own needs, there is enough reasonable space to classify and place kitchen items

IV. add storage tools on the table

install a transverse function box against the wall on the operation table in the dining area, which can store all kinds of cooking knives in an integrated way, which is safe, proper, neat and beautiful; A special function box for storing common seasonings is placed on the operating table in the stove area. When cooking, you can take it as you like, so that cooking is smoother





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