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Many provinces and cities in the North limit gas supply in "winter" and "natural gas tension spreads to the South: Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan limit gas in many places";; "Can you enjoy the tight natural gas supply?"

Recently, the word "natural gas" has been on the front page of major news media:

the "winter supply guarantee" of gas limitation in many northern provinces and cities has been launched

"natural gas tension spreads southward: gas restrictions in Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan"

"many places limit gas successively, and three ministries and commissions rush to alleviate the gas shortage in four days"

"the natural gas supply situation is tight, can we have a happy winter?"

in addition to the high and low PM2.5 concentration, freezing is also a uncomfortable thing

however, there are a small number of warm families in the internal communication group of each gas limited community and company! When everyone's living room temperature hovered between 13 ℃ and 15 ℃ in group chat, his family turned out to be 20 ℃ ~22 ℃

to be honest, this really pulls hatred! Everyone faces the same environment. Why is his home warm

of course, it's not that complicated, just because of a wooden window made of Mori Eagle aluminum

Story 1: it's as warm as a stove

I remember the electric stove at home when I was a child. In the windy and snowy evening, I cooked noodles while warming, and the heat fell on the window and turned into pieces of window flowers

the window becomes the scenery of the home, the old wooden lattice is soaked with water droplets, and all kinds of small animals are painted with fingers on the foggy glass

when the new house was just decorated last year, senying aluminum clad wood windows were replaced, three layers of tempered glass, the middle cavity was filled with argon, equipped with offline Low-E film, four rubber strips for sealing, and various advanced configurations. Such a realm, this is the real Chinese wooden window

windows that are not made of wood are called aluminum clad wood windows

this winter, the gas in the community is limited. Although the home without heating is not dry and hot, it is still 20 ℃; At the beginning, my friend's house was replaced with two ordinary aluminum clad wooden windows without argon and low-e. when I paid the money, he also teased me that I only thought the brand spent more money. Now in the same bad environment, he even sent a message "your choice is too right"

in fact, every product has the minimum data standard. It is the person who pays for the injury by blindly reducing the connotation and seeking similarity

senying aluminum clad wooden window 5 minutes ago:

"insulation is like a stove". This sentence is the highest evaluation of senying products

senying aluminum clad wooden window is not only good-looking, not just to show their beauty, but to quietly stand in the window with the function that the wooden window should have, not too pretentious and not to compete for favor, so that the family feels that the window should be like this

sense of faith: the soul of the enterprise

the good window lies in the bone, not in the skin. When many doors and windows were busy competing in front of the camera and dealing with the audience, Mori Ying and his group quietly earned face for the Chinese aluminum clad wooden window

it is also about "sense of faith". This time, there is no gorgeous stage, and there are no thousands of failures of Edison, but it seems real and powerful. Senying's passive factory passed the acceptance of the world's highest standard only once. At that moment, in fact, we were still very excited

belief is not ignorance and fearlessness, but a good sense of commitment: "you can do it only if you believe you can do it well, and you can do it only if you believe you can do it."

is the support of this belief. We use passive windows in kindergartens, hotels, factories, and various public facilities to make practical contributions to energy conservation

"I still have a long way to go"

when making products, Bian Shuping often feels like walking on thin ice. When eating outside, as long as he meets someone who says he is a user of senying, he immediately becomes very nervous, worried that users say their products are bad

Bian always shared his experience and said, "I'm still on the road. Whether it's in the face of praise or roast, I need to know first that I'm a window craftsman. Roast or praise is a stage I must go through. I still have a long way to go."

he gave up a lot of personal time in order to make a good window. After 20 years in the door and window industry, I still remember my original intention even in front of the highest honor. Friends once commented: "20 years later, he is still the craftsman who seriously studies the performance of windows."

a real good window has not only good wood, but also good glass, but also the soul of a craftsman





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