Three innovations of aluminum alloy door and windo

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With the gradual and widespread application of aluminum alloy doors and windows in home decoration, the professional development of aluminum alloy doors and windows has become more and more agile, and the aluminum alloy doors and windows profession has also been selected and promoted. I believe the following three changes will bring more surprises to consumers' lives! Let the Xiaobian of Guanhao doors and windows take you to know

technological change

electrophoresis and spraying replace traditional oxidation and painting. Traditional aluminum surface treatment methods are mainly oxidation and painting, so the color contrast is monotonous, the appearance is very rough, and the beauty is insufficient. The latest electrophoresis and spraying technology has stronger adhesion to the protective layer on the surface of aluminum alloy door and window profiles, and the paint film is not easy to fall. It is very environmentally friendly and decorative. In particular, electrophoresis technology has double-layer protection, strong metal texture and better decorative effect

technological upgrading is a major change in aluminum alloy doors and windows. Spraying can be divided into monochrome spraying and colorful spraying according to color, which is characterized by a variety of patterns

change of function

break the traditional casement window, generally push and pull the window, and become more humanized in function. New aluminum alloy doors and windows add more methods on the basis of traditional casement windows and general sliding windows

top hung type: it is a new method developed on the basis of casement windows. It has two opening methods, which can be opened horizontally or pushed from the top. Its advantages are: it can not only ventilate, but also ensure safety. Due to the hinge, the window can only be opened by ten centimeters, and cannot be extended from the outside. It is particularly suitable for use when there is no one at home

changes in patterns

aluminum alloy doors and windows are also becoming richer and richer in appearance color. Romantic champagne color and colorful wood grain spraying have become the mainstream of shopping malls, which are popular with a wide range of fashionable and characteristic household people, and are also very popular fashion goods in the past two years. Colorful wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows with increasingly rich and varied patterns, coupled with elegant and concise glass collocation, make the originally cold and rigid "face" become beautiful




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