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Decoration is a systematic project, which takes time, effort and spirit

decoration is a systematic project, which takes time, effort and spirit. Since procurement, customization, delivery, etc. all take time, and some projects are almost irreversible, the sequence must not be wrong, otherwise it will be troublesome to change, cost more money, and delay the construction period. So, how to arrange the time and process is more scientific

quickly get rid of blindness - make up for decoration knowledge

if you plan to start work in a month or two, you have to make up for the basic knowledge of decoration. The effective way to quickly "get rid of illiteracy" is to consult more relatives with decoration experience and more home decoration companies. Usually, they will tell you all the lessons selflessly, so that the probability of repeating the mistakes will be greatly reduced

be generous with your feet - it is important to integrate theory with practice in building materials cities. You should be generous with your feet and travel to and from major building materials cities and supermarkets. It's impossible to know the price without going to the building materials cities to make a comparison in person. If there is not much silver, this step is even more important, because the rents of building materials cities in different geographical locations and sizes are different, and the prices of goods of the same brand may differ by 10% - 15%

it is skillful to step on the site. According to the decoration process, it is recommended to start with woodworking materials (such as large core board, decorative veneer), wall and floor tiles and cabinets. Because the earliest projects to start are carpentry and bricklaying, while carrying out water and electricity transformation, carpentry can cover doors and windows, ceiling, and kitchen and bathroom tiling can also be carried out at the same time with carpentry. As for the cabinet, it must be measured in the kitchen blank state, and the design scheme and water and electricity transformation method are given. Until the kitchen tiling is completed, the manufacturer will have to measure again before it is transferred to the manufacturer for production. Usually, it can be delivered after oneortwo months, so it should be seen and determined early

budget carefully - determine the overall budget

after visiting the building materials City, you should simply make a budget. Usually, the proportion between the basic decoration cost (labor cost, wires, cement and other auxiliary materials) and the cost of main materials of ordinary people's homes is generally 1:1 or 1:1.5. As for the budget of furniture, that's later. Don't think too much in the early stage. If the decoration money is not enough, you can buy it slowly

shop around - compare decoration companies

see more, listen more, compare more, fully understand the level of decoration companies, and observe their engineering situation in the community. It is suggested to consult threeorfour decoration companies

choose guerrillas or brand companies? Generally, the price of brand companies will be higher than that of guerrillas by more than 10% - 20%, or even more. However, it should be noted that if you choose guerrillas, you must be mentally prepared to serve as designers, porters, supervisors and so on. In particular, if you choose to hire workers, so that the contractor can't earn money in terms of materials, you have to be prepared to "be tossed". In addition, there is no after-sales service such as warranty. If the economy is not too tight, comrades who don't know much about decoration and don't have spare time should choose a brand decoration company

determine the plan - sign a formal contract

don't let designers casually control their ideas. The house is for living, and they should be comfortable first. The level of the decoration team determines the quality of your home. If you have energy, you must visit the construction site of the construction team with your own eyes, write down the name of the foreman, designate the foreman when negotiating with the decoration company, and then bargain with the decoration company. If you don't understand, you should write clearly, and you can't muddle through. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the official seal should be affixed to the contract, and then the first installment of decoration should be paid

prepare to start work - divide the responsibilities of all parties

go to the property company to handle the necessary procedures for decoration, and conduct closed water test on the kitchen and bathroom to divide the responsibilities of the developer and the decoration company, which usually takes 2 days. Designers, supervisors, foremen, relevant technical workers and owners came to the house site to explain the design and construction parts, such as where to add telephone lines. The key is handed over to the construction unit, and the workers enter the site formally. If there is a problem that day, you must make it clear




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