The first durstp10250 in North China

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The first durst p10250 in northern China was settled in Tianjin Huashun

at the Shanghai advertising technology equipment exhibition to wipe off the antirust oil and grease on the experimental machine in july2013, President Miao of Tianjin Huashun fell in love with the printing quality, printing speed and stability of the durst equipment at first sight. Shortly after the exhibition, Tianjin Huashun signed an order agreement with Shanghai haishuo Image Technology Co., Ltd. to purchase the durstp10250uv flat-panel printer, The equipment was installed at the end of October, 2013. This is the first durst large format UV inkjet printer settled in northern China after durst returned to the Chinese Mainland market

president Miao of Tianjin Huashun advertising media Co., Ltd. said: high quality, high productivity and high stability are the main reasons why we choose durst. At present, with the continuous development of digital printing technology, the application field of digital printing is more and more extensive, so the advertising industry has entered a period of rapid development. Now, the forms of advertising are emerging in endlessly, and advertisers have higher and higher requirements for the print quality and delivery time of advertising products. If we still stick to the old rules, we will not be able to meet the needs of customers and the company will not be able to develop sustainably

we have been paying attention to digital printing for a long time, but we have never found a device that we like. Before the exhibition, we heard that durst was going to participate in this year's Shanghai international advertising technology equipment exhibition. We were very curious to see Rolls Royce, the printer that the industry has been talking about. To this end, President Miao carefully watched the three devices on display at durst booth and the samples printed on site. President Miao said: what impressed me most was not only the printing quality, but also the mechanical part of the equipment. When the device is printing at high speed, the transmission system is not only very fast but also very stable. It is a real production machine

we believe that with the cooperation of Tianjin Huashun, durst and Shanghai hiSoft, we have enough strength to provide customers with higher quality products and services. Global industrial upgrading and the gradual formation of an intelligent, high-end and customized pattern

Tianjin Huashun advertising media Co., Ltd. is a professional advertising company integrating advertising design, production, engineering installation and media release

the company was founded in 1997. After more than ten years of development, it has developed into an excellent advertising enterprise in Tianjin, enjoying a good reputation in the industry

the enterprise covers a plant area of more than 3000 square meters, and has many large imported digital photo and painting equipment to make the pointer change back to zero, imported UV flat coil painting machine, high-precision laser, mechanical engraving and acrylic blister forming equipment, bending machine, slotting machine and large-scale iron cutting equipment. A number of professional creative designers, technical engineers and engineering installers provide you with high-quality one-stop services

introduction to Shanghai haishuo

Shanghai haishuo Image Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. At the early stage of its establishment, the company focused on the related businesses of digital proofing, color management and prepress system integration in the printing industry. With the improvement of the overall production quality by users in the printing industry, we began to promote and implement printing standardization projects for China's high-end printing enterprises in early 2010, It is the earliest system technology service provider to promote the application of Printing Standardization in China. In 2011, we began to pay attention to the production-oriented application of industrialized digital ink-jet systems in different industries. In combination with our technical advantages in image processing, output control, color management, process data, production standards, etc. in the printing industry over the years, we have advantageously set foot in advertising output, commercial printing, packaging printing, special printing, art reproduction and other industries. Leading science and technology to create a better future, we are always committed to providing customers with high-tech, high-quality and efficient production service-oriented solutions, and create a better future with our customers

durst introduction

since 1936, durst has been committed to developing better and faster solutions for improving large-scale image printing technology. Durst started with analog imaging technology and later turned to digital imaging laser imaging technology. Durst is one of the first companies to develop large format inkjet printing technology for the image market. Now, we have successfully expanded to different industrial inkjet applications. Today, we have become an expert in industrial inkjet. The establishment of the latest R & D center in Linz, Austria, where the sustainable development of the new material industry is an inevitable choice to meet the sustainable development of the economy and society, is enough to prove our commitment to inkjet printing technology and our unremitting pursuit of the latest applications. Through physical and chemical methods to optimize the performance of printers, we have successfully made our customers competitive and profitable in the market. This is why we believe that durst is an expert in industrial inkjet printing

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