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The first dry goods forum of the Yangtze River Delta cardboard carton enterprises in 2021 was launched in March

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with the continuous promotion of economic integration and regional linkage development in the Yangtze River Delta, printing and packaging enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta have ushered in the overall industrial upgrading. According to statistics, in 2020, the sales revenue of China's top 100 printing and packaging enterprises totaled 137.5 billion, an increase of 5.5% over the previous year; From the perspective of regional distribution, 38 enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta need to test the applicability of materials

in order to provide an exchange and learning platform for colleagues of paperboard and carton enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, create face-to-face communication opportunities with equipment suppliers, make them better understand the latest green packaging policies, and promote the healthy development of paperboard and carton enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, on March 2021, the paper products Packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, in conjunction with Reed Exhibitions group, invited more than 400 regional core paperboard and carton enterprises, The "2021 China green packaging product certification promotion conference and the Yangtze River Delta cardboard and carton enterprise development forum" were held in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province to jointly discuss the development of cardboard and carton enterprises under the "Yangtze River Delta economic integration"

1. How will the "green transformation of express packaging" led by the eight ministries and commissions be implemented and how will it affect the business of cardboard and carton enterprises

On November 30, the general office of the State Council forwarded the notice that eight departments including the national development and Reform Commission and the State Post Office issued the opinions on accelerating the green transformation of express packaging

the opinion points out that by 2025, a long-term governance mechanism will be formed throughout the whole chain of express packaging production, use, recycling and disposal. E-commerce express basically realized no secondary packaging, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging reached 10million. Significant progress was made in the new mode and new business form of packaging reduction and green recycling, and the express packaging basically realized the green transformation

the new future of "green, sustainable and recyclable" needs the common recognition and efforts of cardboard and carton enterprises. At this conference, leaders of the State Administration of market supervision, Shanghai market supervision bureau, National Certification Center and other units will come to the scene to make detailed policy publicity and Implementation on how to promote the implementation and specific implementation of this policy; During the same period of the meeting, representatives of more than 20 large-scale enterprises will be invited to participate in the talks, listen to opinions and discuss together

2. How can paperboard and carton enterprises cope with the challenge of "no external waste era"

on November 25, the Ministry of ecological environment, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Customs issued the announcement on matters related to the comprehensive prohibition of the import of solid wastes (hereinafter referred to as the announcement), which said that it was prohibited to import solid wastes in any way, and it was prohibited to dump, stack and dispose of solid wastes outside China. The announcement shall go into effect as of January 1, 2021

clearing the import quota of waste paper is bound to bring about an increase in the price of raw materials. The rise in the price of waste paper has also supported the price of base paper from the raw material side... The real arrival of the "no waste era" has brought great challenges, which will lead to in-depth changes in the industry. How should paperboard and carton enterprises deal with it and look for new development opportunities while adapting? Listen to the base paper factory, industry experts and policy analysts who must adjust the position of the adjustable retaining ring to discuss the changes in papermaking pattern, the changes in paperboard and carton enterprises and the future price trend

3. How to realize the cardboard and carton enterprise intelligent factory

with the increasing industrial concentration, some small and medium-sized enterprises will transform or withdraw from the market through appropriate ways, and the leading enterprises' position will become more and more stable; Under the guidance of the consumption upgrading trend, downstream customers in the packaging industry are also increasing their requirements for packaging, and the high-end trend is gradually emerging...

under such a "new normal", how can cardboard and carton enterprises grasp their service life machine and transform to automation and intelligence? Listen to the representative smart factories in the Yangtze River Delta and equipment suppliers work together, and take real cases as reference to analyze in detail how cardboard and carton enterprises establish smart chemical plants from the aspects of software, hardware and management

4. On site Q & A by the experts of the China International corrugation exhibition Expert Committee during the same period of the activity, two heavyweight experts of the China International corrugation exhibition expert committee attended the event to have face-to-face exchanges with cardboard and carton enterprises and answer questions

Mr. caochuishuang has 17 years of practical experience in enterprise management and management consulting, and 12 years of experience in the cardboard and carton industry. Specializing in sales management, human resource management, and core competitiveness building, which are deeply combined with the characteristics of the cardboard and carton industry and enterprises

Mr. Hejian, a senior engineer, majored in packaging engineering, computer application and EMBA of Nankai University. He has 29 years of experience in the carton industry 4. After the sample is broken, he has broad industry vision and management experience. Specializing in high-end operation and management of carton enterprises, new plant construction, epr|mes|mis development and application, etc

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