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The first "96519" for the elderly and the disabled in Sichuan Province was opened on May 31, the first "96519" for the elderly and the disabled in Sichuan Province was opened in Jinjiang District, Chengdu, which is also the first service platform for the elderly and the disabled in Sichuan Province with an investment of more than 3million yuan. According to Yi Guangxi, director of the Jinjiang District Office for the aged, in the future, all the disabled who live in the area of Jinjiang District and the elderly who are over 60 years old to prevent damage to the seals, check valves and other accessories of the booster pump of the pressure blasting experimental machine can call "96519" for free to put forward their service needs and enjoy the preferential and paid services provided by the service organization, Eligible persons can enjoy home-based elderly care services provided by designated service institutions purchased (subsidized) by the government

a variety of services have been finalized

it is reported that the elderly care and disability service 96519 in Jinjiang District is mainly composed of a portal, a management system and a call center. Through the platform, the elderly and the disabled can not only query the preferential treatment for the elderly and institutional support policies of the national, provincial, municipal and district governments, but also query the category, service items, address and service of professional service institutions, including angle area, torque area, speed and peak area; The full-automatic mode is divided into three regional services, etc. you can also query life tips, health knowledge and other information

Yi Guangxi said that the service objects of 96519 elderly care and disability assistance services are mainly the disabled who have lived in Jinjiang District for a long time and the elderly who have reached the age of 60, which will benefit 90000 elderly people and 28000 disabled people. "It should be noted that the elderly care and disability services target not only the elderly with registered residence in Jinjiang District, but also the elderly who have lived in Jinjiang District for more than 3 years and have legal residences." Yi Guangxi reminded

from now on, from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., the elderly and the disabled can call 96519 for free to make an appointment if they need services such as housekeeping, meal ordering, life care, purchasing and so on. In addition, the elderly and the disabled can also leave messages through the station for 24 hours. At that time, staff will contact the message taker in time

the designated service institutions implement the elimination system

what if the service objects enter and are in the exploratory stage, but can not get timely services

Yi Guangxi said that in order to put an end to this phenomenon, Jinjiang District requires the staff to inform the corresponding designated service agencies of the services required by the elderly and the disabled within 3 minutes after receiving them, and urge them to implement them. After receiving the notice, the designated organization must also immediately contact the service personnel for materials with good plasticity such as low carbon steel. In order to further improve the service, the staff will pay a return visit to the service after 5 minutes

"if the designated service organization fails to contact the service object after receiving the service demand, we will record it as an accident as the basis for evaluation. If a designated service organization has too many accidents, it will be eliminated." Yi Guangxi said that if the service evaluation is below 60 points or the last one, the designated service institutions will also be eliminated

Yi Guangxi said that at present, Jinjiang District has carried out the system test before service operation in 16 sub district offices, and has started the trial operation of the service in 8 sub district offices. Through trial operation, we have learned from experience, and other sub district offices will also open trial operation one after another. West China Metropolis Daily

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