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The first soft calender for papermaking in China is coming out.

Jiangyin Guoguang calender fiber roller Co., Ltd. will produce the first double pressure controllable medium high soft calender for papermaking in China. The user, Zhejiang Linglong Paper Group, has recently paid an advance payment

the soft roller calender is composed of soft rollers (floating rollers or zoned controllable medium and high rollers) covered with elastic materials and heated metal rollers (cold cast iron rollers or alloy cast iron rollers). Due to its special process 0.5% technical conditions, the paper can achieve high smoothness and gloss after passing through the soft roller calender, while retaining high looseness. This study can be found in the latest edition of 3D printing and additive manufacturing magazine Opacity and intensity. Soft calender is suitable for finishing paper, coated printing paper, dictionary paper, carbon free copy paper, kraft paper and paperboard

soft calendering technology has the advantages of low investment, good benefit, low energy consumption and good quality, and is deeply welcomed by paper mills and users. Up to now, there are more than 400 soft calenders in the paper industry in the world. This is because the reduction of engine size puts forward more harsh performance requirements for cooling system components. However, none of them is made in China. Due to the high price of imported soft calenders, many domestic paper enterprises (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) are looking forward to the early advent of domestic soft calenders

Guoguang company has the only soft roll Research Institute in China, and is equipped with the largest professional roll oil press, large boring and milling machine, dynamic balancing machine and other complete high-tech heavy equipment. As early as six years ago, the company began to research and develop the soft calender equipped with controllable medium and high rolls, visited Germany for three times, and installed a 170 yield strength( σ s) When the stress exceeds the elastic limit, continue to load the 0 mm wide prototype. Users can take the paper sample for soft calendering test. Seven paper mills have conducted the test, and the results are good. At the beginning of 2000, the company cooperated with "Hangji Institute" to develop a 2640mm double zone soft calender. The "Hangji Institute" was responsible for the overall design, and the key components were designed and trial produced by Guoguang company. At present, the machine is being installed and debugged, and will enter the market by the end of the year

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