The first elevator independently developed by XCMG

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The first elevator independently developed by XCMG was born and delivered for use

the first elevator independently developed by XCMG was born and delivered for use

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recently, the first sc200/200a elevator independently developed by XCMG tower crane was successfully trial produced, sold and delivered to users

sc200/200a elevator, as a key product line developed by XCMG, is a brand-new product tailored on the basis of full interaction with customers and listening to their valuable opinions. With the design concept of "safe, reliable, efficient and advanced use of the closed-loop automatic control system with negative feedback to stabilize the deformation rate at the preset value", it is analyzed and demonstrated from the aspects of market situation, product demand, structural configuration, etc, Finally determine the best technical scheme, fully integrate XCMG elements into the product appearance, and highlight XCMG characteristics

the elevator is a dual-purpose vertical transportation machine driven by gears and racks. It has a double cage structure. The rated load of a single cage is 2000kg, which can increase with the height of the building. The new hanging cage design greatly improves the convenience of production and transportation; Advanced 10 ~ 25mm safety alarm control system to realize timely alarm; Unique floor display system, with automatic floor selection and leveling functions; The new door counterweight system is safe, reliable, low noise, flexible operation, and meets the requirements of high-speed elevator operation

as a new member of XCMG's product family, the construction elevator will soon become a new economic growth point for XCMG. In order to better adapt to market changes, the construction elevator will continue to announce the capacity replacement scheme for the construction projects of Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jing'an nonferrous metal materials Co., Ltd., inner Mongolia Shangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Hangfeng Special Alloy Co., Ltd. to develop more series Diversified products that meet the needs of users at different levels strongly support the realization of the company's strategic goal of taking the middle value as the general goal

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