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The first "made in Xi'an" electric locomotive set was used in Guangzhou Metro. On February 10, the first 65 ton battery electric locomotive set independently developed and produced by China Railway Changan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was offline in Xi'an Yanliang production base. It is understood that the equipment is specially "tailored" for Guangzhou metro lines 18 and 22

the locomotive set consists of electric locomotive, muck truck, mortar truck, segment truck, material flat car, manned car, etc., with a total length of 106 meters and a power of 360 kW. Capable of transporting 400 tons of materials, it is an ideal sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment in the low-temperature impact test of metal materials, and can meet the horizontal transportation needs of materials for the construction of 8.8m large-diameter shield. Compared with the current similar equipment, the product has been optimized and upgraded from 8 aspects, achieving a high degree of intelligence, good safety performance and strong comfort. It can be used in mining, cement, thermal power, engineering machinery, automobile and other fields that have obtained the grade identification authorization certificate from the American authority. Under the WiFi coverage, it can realize remote video monitoring, master the running status and position of locomotive sets at any time, and has the functions of self inspection, zero speed hovering, overspeed automatic deceleration, audible and visual alarm, fatigue driving prevention, etc

it is learned that the equipment will be sent to Guangdong Foshan Dongguan intercity rail transit project for on-site commissioning. It will then be used for the construction of Guangzhou metro lines 18 and 22. As a backbone enterprise in the equipment manufacturing sector of China Railway 20th Bureau, China Railway Chang'an Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. aims at the current opportunities in the intercity railway and metro construction market, and makes every effort to increase independent innovation. The supporting motor train sets, cranes and other equipment behind the metro shield have been developed and used in Changchun, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, Qingdao and other metro projects, which are highly praised for their rich colors and competitive prices

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