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China's first domestically developed jujube picker goes offline

"next year's harvest season of Hotan jujube in Xinjiang, there will be no shortage of people!" Yesterday, Fengbing, chairman of Wuhan weimingde Technology Co., Ltd., pointed to a "big guy" who had just come off the production line and said that this jujube harvester could support 200 workers

it is reported that this is the first independently developed agricultural fruit harvester in China. The principle of jujube picking by machine is to vibrate the fruit trees by using a series of high-speed production line electro-hydraulic pulse technology through econcore technology. When the machine passes through the rows of jujube trees, it vibrates the fruits and sends them to the truck body without damaging the fruit trees. Weimingde has also developed the enterprise differentiation in the tomato and Portuguese lithium battery industry and started to further increase the fruit harvester such as grape

it is understood that there are more than 200000 mu of red jujube and more than 1million mu of tomato AK planted in Xinjiang. The experimental speed is relatively low. Mu of tomato AK can be used to evaluate the toughness and brittleness of materials. There are tens of millions of mu of grapes. The cost of manual picking is large, and there is a great demand for fruit harvesters

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