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AVIC Sanxin's first employee speech contest kicked off

in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees and improve their own quality, one of the main products of the experimental machine was changed to make more employees ◆ after the experiment, the products to be tested were automatically returned to normal temperature to avoid frost and dew. The protection mechanism workers were integrated into this big family, AVIC Sanxin solar photovoltaic glass Co., Ltd. held the first essay solicitation and speech competition with the theme of "Sanxin culture" from September 6 to 19, 2014. The judges of the competition were the department managers and competent leaders of Bengbu company

a total of 26 speeches were received. An on-site speech contest was held on the afternoon of September 19. The staff participating in the speech delivered speeches on the topics of "I am Sanxin", "I love you - Sanxin" and "I grow up with Sanxin". After the evaluation of the judges, Wang Xu of the administrative personnel department and Li Peng of the deep processing Department won the champion of the essay solicitation and speech contest respectively. The second prize and the third prize were won by the deep processing department, the equipment department The quality department and other players won

this competition has better demonstrated the eight character spiritual connotation of "pride, passion, integrity and value" of employees as Sanxin people, and let us work together for a better tomorrow of Sanxin

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