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China's first "first set" domestic signal system demonstration line passed the acceptance on November 29, after nearly a year of intensive construction and testing, the signal project of Beijing Metro Yizhuang line, China's first domestic signal system demonstration line implemented by the first set of policy, constructed by electrification company of China Railway fourth Bureau, passed the acceptance

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Beijing Metro Yizhuang line is the first project in China to implement a set of policies in order to realize the localization of Metro Signal System and break the technical monopoly of foreign countries on China's Metro signal system. Its construction will realize independent intellectual property rights for China's Metro signal system CBTC system, The railway construction will play a key role in the technology dependence and cost of foreign countries

in view of many new processes, materials and technologies for the first domestic CBTC signal demonstration line, electrification company of China Railway fourth Bureau has not only mobilized signal experts, but also transferred experienced construction personnel from Shanghai Metro, Guangzhou Metro and Shenyang metro projects to form a construction team, and carried out a series of technical and process research. During the construction, the engineering and technical personnel summarized their experience in time. At present, they have completed the patent application for the universal annunciator support, carried out 4 special activities for tackling key scientific and technological problems, selected 2 QC topics, planned to prepare 2 construction methods, and carried out 10 QC group activities

in order to ensure the quality of the first set of equipment, the acceptance of Beijing Metro Yizhuang line signal project is particularly strict. There are two stages: pre acceptance and acceptance. The pre acceptance adopts the method of on-site inspection. The acceptance has been carried out according to the subsystem function commissioning progress since May this year. The pre acceptance is organized by China Academy of Railway Sciences (Beijing) Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., with the participation of relevant personnel from the design, contracting units and equipment integrators. In addition, the construction management unit is specially invited to participate

comprehensive tests shall be conducted for the interlocking of Yizhuang line depot and testing line, the interlocking of 6 main lines, optical cable lines, power supply equipment, other signal equipment, atp/ato and ATS subsystems. Under the condition of pre acceptance, no-load trial operation for up to three months was carried out. Three months of no-load test run began in August, and the locomotive entered the no-load test run stage at the end of October. Dynamic inspection showed that all indicators met the design requirements

on this basis, the completion acceptance expert group organized by Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd. inspected the Taihu depot and temporary control center of Beijing Yizhuang line from November 15 to 17. Through the inspection, the supervision unit affirmed the appearance quality, system function, equipment performance and completion data of the signal project. All reports of the expert acceptance group spoke highly of the project, They believe that the signal system equipment of Yizhuang line project is well installed, in conformity with the design documents and contract documents, the construction specifications and relevant construction management regulations, and the operation completion acceptance conditions; The main technical indicators and system functions of the system meet the requirements of the technical specifications; The contents of archived materials are authentic, complete and complete, and meet the archiving conditions

the third-party safety certification of Lloyd's in the UK has been introduced into the domestic metro construction for the first time, and strict sub certification has been carried out simultaneously with the progress of the project. The construction of the next process can only be carried out after the previous process is completed and the third-party certification has been passed. At present, the safety certification of each sub item of the project has been completed, and the system has reached the European standard. After the final general certification, it will lay the foundation for further increasing the brand awareness of China's next project and technology going global. (tanxiaobing, zouyao)

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