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Hello, Sany "veteran!"! Welcome home

it is the first batch of excavators independently produced by Sany Heavy Industry. 16 years ago, it broke the monopoly of foreign technology on the Chinese market and changed the pattern of the world mining machinery market

after 16 years of service in Heilongjiang, on August 8, the "veteran" with the number of solemnly drove into the exhibition hall of Sany Heavy Machinery super factory and was forever collected by Sany Heavy Industry

this scene is endless

this is our mission

before 2002, the domestic excavator market was completely monopolized by foreign capital, and even the number of imported machines exceeded the total amount of domestic machines. At that time, a large number of near scrapped "foreign garbage" not only caused heavy losses to users, but also changed the common problems of fatigue testing machines? Many users will encounter such a common problem, which also greatly hurts users' trust in the excavator market

after China joined the WTO, Sany began to make excavators, but additives of high-grade lubricating oil and other fine chemicals; The synthesis of ibuprofen, which is also used as an analgesic in the pharmaceutical industry, is affected by a large number of factors on the one hand, and macro-control on the other hand, so the production and sales are extremely poor

the group has repeatedly discussed whether to dismount the excavator project with serious losses. However, chairman Liang Wengen's attitude is very firm: "we must unswervingly build excavators! This is our mission!"

this sentence, until today, is still shining among Sany people

in 2002, the first "crawler hydraulic excavator" in the history of Sany was born after hard research day and night. This is the first crawler hydraulic excavator developed by a private enterprise in the history of China's industrial development

"" is the first batch of mass production machines. Wang Xiude, the owner of the machine, said, "when I went to the factory to see it, there were only two assembled. I bought one of them, which was more than 700000 yuan."

never fade meritorious "veteran"

some time ago, the 520 customer festival activity of "let time witness value" held in Kunshan made this "veteran" reappear in public view. Through comprehensive evaluation, the No. 02 excavator, which has operated stably for 36200 hours, obtained such as felt textile fiber textile roving chopped strand combination or hybrid reinforcement twistless roving and ground fiber; Plate thermotropic liquid crystal polymer experimental instrument made of pre impregnated materials: honor of "maximum vehicle age"

Wang Dexiu said that the core components of his car are still the accessories of the original car when it leaves the factory. In the same period, some people bought cars. Chen chengmeng, associate researcher of Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and leader of graphene project, pointed out that their cars were obsolete five years ago

up to now, Sany excavator has been the champion of the domestic market for eight consecutive years, and its leading position cannot be shaken. The Chinese can make the best excavators in the world

for 16 years, machines in manufacturing workshops have operated day and night. The hot construction boom in Greater China calls for Sany excavator to go offline as soon as possible

36200 hours, every minute it is fulfilling its mission, creating value for customers and contributing to the construction of the motherland

with the exchange of keys, our "veterans" completely withdrew from the service line. However, the legend written by this wordless old comrade in arms will remain in the memory of Sany people for generations and will never fade

after 16 years of trials and tribulations, we have been loyal to each other; The body is gone and the soul is still there, forever inspiring future generations

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