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Sany: thick plot thin hair Lingyun Breaking Dawn spectrum new chapter

Sany: thick plot thin hair Lingyun Breaking Dawn spectrum new chapter

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farewell 2016, China's construction machinery industry ushered in a new year. Standing at the node of the alternation of the old and the new, people are full of longing, and their thoughts are more volatile: how long will it take to get out of the dilemma? Where is the road? Such a time point and such a problem have not only become the top priority on the table of leaders, but also become a topic of common concern to employees

Sany: thick accumulation, thin ambition, Lingyun Breaking Dawn spectrum new chapter

admitting that change is a rational view

it is undeniable that the past five years have been the most difficult period for "made in China". Compared with the infinite scenery five years ago, the current construction machinery industry is facing "besieged on all sides". On the one hand, the production capacity of the whole industry is still high and faces the bottleneck of innovative technology; On the other hand, developed countries are returning manufacturing, while developing countries have also accelerated the pace of catch-up. Compared with the peak, the scale of the whole industry has shrunk by nearly 70%. This cliff like decline is a disaster for any enterprise

this change has also continued to the psychological level, perhaps because the perennial "waiting" has exhausted patience, and our employees, even some of our leading cadres, have a strong sense of frustration, becoming sensitive, fragile, confused and confused. In our body, the lofty aspiration of "building three first-class" began to fade, and some people lost their momentum for development. Hansen suggested that at this time, we should refuel in the oil tank of rally. Some people are struggling. Is there still a chance for China's equipment manufacturing industry? How many opportunities are there? This unhealthy mentality is slowly fermenting. If it is allowed to develop, it will be a "seed of anxiety" for both the career of employees and the development of enterprises

these corrosive gases also corrode the pipelines, valves and equipment in the smooth system. Recognizing the changes is the first step to regain confidence. Doubt does not mean losing confidence. Looking at this round of in-depth adjustment from a historical perspective and dialectically considering the general trend of the industry with a sense of development may give us more reason and soberness

return to the growth track and enter the healthy era

the old saying goes: misfortune comes, and happiness depends on it. Even in the face of crisis, great enterprises can always turn uncertainty into opportunities

in the long night before dawn, although some people are destined to be eliminated, at the same time, we should also see that the depressed market is a great development opportunity. In the most difficult times of the market, it is conducive to the constant strength of the strong, the integration of the industry, and the establishment of a new industrial ecological environment. After transformation and upgrading, the competitive pattern of the industry has undergone profound changes, and the market has screened real heroes. We are glad to see that "Sany has adhered to it, and is becoming more capable!"

in the five-year baptism of the industry, Sany has always maintained a good trend of "better than the industry and better than the general trend", and took the lead in entering the new normal of development. Our industry position continues to strengthen and our market share continues to increase. Our new business and internationalization have brought new profit growth points. Since the third quarter of last year, our excavators, cranes, piling machinery and concrete machinery have increased significantly. We are leading the industry to return to the growth track

more importantly, through the furnace, today's three properties: tensile test (stress-strain test) 1 is generally to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two fixtures with a certain distance between them, which is more rational, mature and powerful, and begins to enter a healthier development era. In the past few years, we have built a healthy and efficient operation mode by continuously strengthening cost and risk control, optimizing and adjusting product structure, and focusing on solving many historical problems. Our four expense rate has decreased by 50% compared with five years ago. Our profitability has accelerated, and our cash flow has always remained ahead of the industry

we are stronger and the industry is better. The most difficult period of the construction machinery industry has passed, and the whole industry is booming. It is worth noting that after a reshuffle, the industry is more rational and healthy. The number of enterprises engaged in the sale of excavators in the market has been reduced from more than 100 to home, and the crazy situation of "3180 excavators brought home" in those years no longer exists. In this cycle, the remaining enterprises and customers are really strong, and the market will usher in a long-term rise of "gold content"

breaking dawn dawn again

there is no doubt that, as chairman Liang Wengen said at the annual board expansion meeting held in Shaoshan, we are at a critical moment of "breaking dawn dawn". One foot ahead, there is a completely transformed Xintiandi of manufacturing industry; If we step back, our five-year persistence and five-year expectation may be in vain. The market is ruthless, "relatives or sorrow, others have also sung", which is also applicable to enterprises. If you are depressed, your competitors may be happier. Now everyone is soaking in the water, and bamboo poles will always appear. The problem is that whoever grabs them first will go ashore first, which is more durable and physical than who

at the enlarged meeting of directors on the same day, chairman Liang Wengen asked all employees to devote themselves to production in the new form with a new attitude. The chairman put forward four requirements: having a healthy body, building a deep mind, maintaining an optimistic mood, and cultivating a firm will and values, which pointed out the way forward for us

this is a big clean-up, and the enterprise is fighting for strength. The strength here is not only the software and hardware of the enterprise, but also the rise and fall of the enterprise depends on the quality and temperament of employees. As the chairman pointed out, the focus now is to lose the burden, conserve physical strength, reduce internal friction, concentrate and create a turning point. Opportunities are only for those who are prepared. At the important moment when the market bottoms out and the dawn of recovery begins to appear, all employees of Sany, especially our leading cadres, need to adjust their mentality as soon as possible, maintain a clear mind, speed up the pace of change, maintain the confidence of victory, and welcome the arrival of the new era with a healthy, sharp and passionate physical and mental state

yes, courage and persistence are the first conditions for "surviving" in any difficult period. It's better to roll up your sleeves and work together to make the cake bigger, the enterprise stronger and the position of the industry more solid. Strive for time, efficiency, innovation, quality and service to win a higher brand reputation, which is what we should seriously consider now

for the proud and enterprising Sany people, there is no savior in this world. The career achievements of employees, the brave progress of enterprises, and the nirvana rebirth of the industry ultimately depend on themselves. We also believe that those who stay and fight side by side in this "turbulence" should be people with lofty ideals who are full of confidence in the enterprise

at dawn, we will continue to meet the dawn together and write a brilliant new chapter of Sany

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