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Sany small piling machinery construction tools add new talent

Sany small piling machinery construction tools add new talent

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Guide: in December 2010, the pile foundation construction of Shandong Jinan West Railway Station area cultural center and subway line 1 key projects entered the critical stage. On the construction site covering an area of 150000 square meters, 21 Sany rotary drilling rigs worked side by side, With an average of 3 hours of pile construction efficiency and stable operating performance, Sany construction workers are created

in December 2010, the pile foundation construction of the key project of Shandong Jinan West Railway Station area cultural center and Metro Line 1 entered the critical stage. On the construction site covering an area of 150000 square meters, 21 Sany rotary drilling rigs worked side by side. With an average construction efficiency of 3 hours and stable operability, they can create a grand construction scene of classic construction cases in the field of Sany civil engineering, which is still fresh in the memory of all staff present. In this "battle", sr150, which entered the market in 2005, became the main force. With its mobility, flexibility and high construction efficiency, this model is favored by customers, with a market share of more than 60%, and has become the absolute leader in the market of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs

however, adhering to the concept of "everything comes from innovation", Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery decided to develop a new sr120 rotary drilling rig on the basis of the original sr150c in December 2011. The R & D team worked overtime day and night, from drawings to development, from prototype delivery to testing. All processes passed smoothly in the rigorous and serious working attitude of the R & D team. In early April, the first officially SOLD sr120 rotary drilling rig came off the production line. As soon as it was offline, the machine was snapped up by Shaanxi customers. According to Liu Zhiyan, the General Institute of Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Research Institute, this model was scrambled to order when it was offline, which was inseparable from its superior performance and outstanding characteristics. Sr120 rotary drilling rig is improved and upgraded on the basis of the original sr150c. Standing on the shoulders of the "giant", sr120 is destined to surpass its predecessor s in some ways. Don't forget r150c

in the design of this model, full consideration is given to the current urban industrial and civil construction field, the construction space is becoming smaller and smaller, and the space adaptability of construction equipment is becoming higher and higher. After a series of tests and demonstrations, the height of the whole machine is reduced on the premise of ensuring the reliability and working efficiency of the whole machine. Make it more flexible and convenient in construction. It is more suitable for the construction environment with narrow space. Not only that, when other types of rotary excavators are transferred for construction or transportation, the drill pipe must be unloaded and transported separately; The upper mast is not as good as the building heat insulation and sound insulation, and the oil pollution clearing is an integral whole, which greatly affects the speed when folding the mast. To a certain extent, this has affected the construction efficiency and increased energy consumption. However, by reducing the transportation height of the whole machine, sr120 makes the overall transportation of the rod possible for the purpose of reducing the workload without reducing the reliability of the detection conclusion. In terms of mast folding, the overall upper mast design is adopted, and the upper mast does not need to be folded during transportation. These two designs save a lot of working time and transportation cost for equipment construction. The customer reported that in the past, two vehicles were required for each transportation, one in front of the other. If one of them did not arrive in time, it would affect the construction progress. And it takes time to load and unload drill pipes before and after each construction. It's really a troublesome thing. Now sr120 solves all these problems

Liu Zhiyan told, "our design and development process always revolves around energy conservation and efficiency enhancement." Finally, sr120 gave a beautiful answer: overall transportation, transportation costs were saved by 40%, and the transit time was shortened by more than half; Quickly fold the mast and install the whole machine, saving more than one third of the time for a single installation; The effective construction efficiency of the whole machine is increased by 10% compared with the same model in the market. The average effective construction fuel can be saved by 5% - 10% compared with similar products in the market

the first sr120 rotary drill of Sany is currently working on the construction site of Xi'an Hesheng international agricultural and sideline food exhibition and trading center. The pile hole of this project requires a diameter of 750mm, a depth of 30m, and a workload of 400 pile holes. At present, the equipment has worked for 300 hours, each of which takes minutes, and the fuel consumption is 8 hours per barrel. When it comes to energy conservation and efficiency, customers are full of praise, researchers said. The customer said that he chose Sany products because it has more advantages than other equipment, but he really didn't expect the construction efficiency to be so fast and the energy-saving effect to be so good. The construction colleagues present came to visit the machine and were also amazed at such excellent performance. Sr120 has been praised as the "king of urban industrial and civil construction"

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