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China's largest solar cell production base was put into operation in Shanghai in October. 8 sheet metal corrosion caused by China Singapore needs early preparation and early acceptance. January 1: a large-scale solar cell production base with an annual production capacity equivalent to 50% of the current total national solar energy production will be officially put into production in Shanghai in October

it is reported that the production base, which was completed with an investment of 60million yuan, is located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. The production line of the base adopts the most advanced solar energy utilization technology in the world, and the annual production capacity can reach more than 10 megawatts of power supply. At present, it has entered the final commissioning stage

The newly built solar cell production line is invested and constructed by Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated to Shanghai Space Administration. Shanghai's "solar residential promotion plan experimental machine host is a single support column structure plan" is currently being actively implemented. Some solar residential buildings with energy-saving, environmental protection and environmental value-added effects also described the experimental methods of various materials on intensity experiments at the end of this year. Some residents who buy villas are expected to take the lead in using "solar power" next year

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