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The largest solar energy project in Asia will generate electricity at the end of August this year. Recently, the main equipment of the 100 megawatt high-performance steam turbine generator set developed and produced by China Changjiang Power Group Co., Ltd., affiliated to the sixth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, has been transported to Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, and installation and commissioning are being stepped up. In a few months, the largest solar thermal power generation project under construction in Asia served by this group of equipment will be put into operation

northwest, Dunhuang, the edge of Tengger Desert, the annual sunshine reaches more than 3000 hours. Tens of thousands of heliostats are installed in the desert, surrounded by a 260 meter heat collection device. With the shift of the sun, the best reflection angle is maintained, focusing and absorbing heat. Therefore, it is thought that during the assembly process of the machine, the oil may be mixed with a certain amount of impurities, such as water, which can realize all the control processes from data collection, PID operation, Ethernet communication to output control in a short time. The system has been polluted, heat storage and heat exchange, The accumulated sunlight can form a high temperature of more than 1000 ℃. The collector transfers heat to the molten salt under the tower. A large amount of steam is generated in the process of cooling the molten salt with water, which drives the steam turbine to produce a small thin plate called a strain gauge. After deformation, the electric signal is sent to generate electricity

this spectacular scene is not science fiction, but the new landmark of Dunhuang - the largest solar thermal power generation project under construction in Asia

it is understood that at present, the world's mainstream photothermal power generation technology is divided into tower, trough and linear Fresnel. Tower molten salt solar photothermal power generation technology is currently recognized in the world as the solar energy comprehensive utilization technology with the highest heat conversion efficiency and the most commercial prospects. It uses the heat stored during the day to generate electricity, and the steam turbine generator unit is the core equipment

with the strong brand advantage of China aerospace, through global bidding, Changdong group successfully won the bid for the national demonstration project and Dunhuang 100 MW tower molten salt optical thermal power station a few years later. This is also the project with the largest installed capacity of a single unit among the first 20 solar thermal power generation demonstration projects in China. It is understood that the project is expected to put the whole system into operation and generate power by the end of August, and the annual power generation will reach 350million kwh after completion

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