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Yaopi glass: the solar glass industry overlord

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the market has been on the decline since mid June, but the new energy sector, especially the solar energy sector, has been rising. Since June 18, the solar energy stock Tongwei shares (love shares, market, information) has risen 37%, and the Sichuan investment energy (love shares, market, information) has risen 31%, which is the opposite trend of the market decline. Compared with the two phases, It clearly shows the investment opportunities of the concept of solar energy. Investors can focus on yaopi glass (love stocks, market, information) that has not yet soared

solar glass overlord

the role of glass in solar photovoltaic cell modules is to collect sunlight. Only professional glass called "ultra white calendered glass" can be used for solar energy. For a 180 Watt Solar photovoltaic module, the amount of ultra white calendered glass required is 1. 2 square meters. At present, in the global market, ultra white calendered glass is monopolized by three companies, namely, Saint Gobain of France, Pilkington of Britain and Asahi Nippon of Japan, such as microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine. The annual actual demand for ultra white calendered glass in China is usually about 2million square meters when we do experiments. Changshu yaopi special glass Co., Ltd., which is 70% owned by yaopi glass, began to produce ultra white calendered glass since 2006. Its melting capacity is 150 tons per 10% weight reduction of the overall structure of the car every day, and the processing capacity is 2million square meters per year, showing the dominant position of yaopi glass in this emerging industry. Backed by the ultra advanced technology of Pilkington, a leading foreign shareholder, yaopi glass will become a pioneer in the Asian solar photovoltaic industry, with huge imagination

1.8 billion yuan demolition compensation income increased greatly

the original plant area of yaopi glass is located on Jiyang Road next to the Shanghai WorldExpo, connected to the downtown people's Square and Nanpu Bridge, with excellent traffic and geographical location, and the plant area is 19. 830000 square meters, about 295 mu. Due to heavy oil burning in glass manufacturing, the location of the company's plant area was changed to commercial development land

after adjusting the addition ratio, the company announced on January 4, 2008 that it would transfer the plot located in Jiyang Road, Shanghai to Shanghai Shenjiang cross strait development and construction investment (Group) Co., Ltd. Due to the relocation, the company will receive a total of 18. With a compensation of 100million yuan, the holding subsidiary will receive a compensation of 70million yuan, which will have a positive impact on the company's annual performance in 2007 and beyond

judging from the trend of the secondary market, in the past three trading days, the volume of new funds has doubled, the entry of new funds is obvious, and the structure of a perfect double bottom shape. Today, a large number of funds poured in at the end of the market, and a wave of magnificent investment opportunities have come. It is suggested to pay active attention to the current bottom range

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