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The solar glass industry has a bright future. The first industry standard is about to be issued.

the first industry standard is about to be issued, and the production capacity ranks first in the world.

the solar glass industry has a bright future.

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as one of the clean, efficient and inexhaustible green energy source technologies in the future, solar technology has been more and more widely used in recent years, The solar cell glass (commonly known as solar glass) industry, a product that combines solar energy utilization with the traditional glass industry, is becoming one of the fastest-growing high-tech industries in the world, and is known as a new sunrise industry

in order to regulate the healthy development of this sunrise industry, recently, the first solar energy industry standard in China, "solar cell glass", was adopted at the review meeting of solar cell glass industry standards organized by the National Technical Committee for glass standardization in construction. Miao Xiangyang, the main drafter of the standard and engineer of China building materials inspection and Certification Center, told that the content of the standard mainly involves the terms and definitions of solar glass, materials, technical requirements, appearance quality, test methods, inspection rules, as well as the quality requirements of packaging, marking, transportation and storage

according to the introduction, the solar cell glass mentioned in the standard refers to the glass used for crystalline silicon solar cell modules, which plays the role of foam particle machine coverage protection and has high transmittance. In terms of materials, toughened or non toughened embossed glass and float glass can be used for solar cell glass. The standard also proposes that the iron content of solar cell glass should not be greater than 0.015%, the visible light transmittance should be greater than or equal to 91.5% (equivalent to about 3mm standard thickness), and the direct sunlight transmittance should be greater than or equal to 91.0% (equivalent to 3mm standard thickness). It is a necessary experimental testing equipment for engineering units such as buildings, building materials, roads and bridges

solar glass is one of the important products in photovoltaic power generation projects using solar energy today, and has become a popular "sunrise industrial product" in the world's energy industry. According to the latest statistics of international solar energy consulting company, the global solar cell production reached 3436 MW in 2007, an increase of 56% over 2006. The market share of Chinese manufacturers increased from 20% in 2006 to 35%

as a new energy-saving and environmental protection building material, solar glass has great application potential in residential buildings and other fields. Professionals predict that in the next 10 years, the annual growth rate of photovoltaic products in China will be as high as 20% - 30%. By 2010, the output value of solar glass in photovoltaic projects in the world will reach US $3billion, and the prospect is very attractive. However, since there has been no corresponding standard to refer to before, relevant enterprises at home and abroad generally formulate their own enterprise standards for production control or incoming inspection. The introduction of this industry standard will greatly promote the development of solar glass industry. This also indicates that energy-saving and environmental friendly building materials will become a development trend in the national environment of advocating building energy conservation

"the solar glass industry in China has developed rapidly, especially in the past two years, with an almost explosive growth. However, there has been no standard to follow for this product. The formulation of standards will play a role in standardizing the industry and promoting technological progress. Everyone has the same standard to measure their products, improve their own management, and introduce or develop more advanced technology." Miao Xiangyang said

Zhou Zhiwu, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, pointed out that the biggest advantage of solar glass is energy conservation. In today's increasingly tense energy situation, as a new energy field, solar energy has a broad application prospect. Accordingly, the application prospect of solar glass is also very broad

Zhou Zhiwu told that although China's solar glass didn't start very early, it has developed very rapidly in the preparation of cement mortar in recent years. At present, the production capacity has jumped to the world's leading position, and the world's solar glass manufacturing plants have gradually moved to China. In terms of core technology, the technology of solar glass in China has been on the same level as that of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. However, in terms of polysilicon technology in the early stage, there is still a certain gap between China and the world, which will affect the later product quality and the development of China's solar glass industry to a certain extent

it is reported that most solar glass products are made of double-layer tempered glass, which is conducive to good light transmittance. In addition, the polycrystalline silicon cells arranged in the middle of the glass are also particularly important. They are arranged and stuck in the middle of the double-layer glass. The lighting degree of the glass is controlled by the arrangement gap of the silicon cells, and the surface of the silicon wafer is made into blue, green, black, yellow and other colors. This kind of color silicon wafer is mainly to be more conducive to the selection and utilization of color beauty used on the building curtain wall

experts said that the industry standard will seek to provide alternative porous media materials, including expanded graphite, to a higher platform, and strive to become a national standard. "If the solar glass industry is to continue to maintain the development trend of the sunrise industry, it needs not only the strong support of the national energy-saving policies, but also the full help of supporting technologies and measures. In particular, the breakthrough of polysilicon technology is very important. If it can only rely on imports in this regard, it will restrict the development of the whole solar glass industry." Zhou Zhiwu said. China Quality News

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