The hottest solar industry adds industry standards

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The solar energy industry has added industry standards

the two technical standards of "technical requirements for environmental labeling products - household solar water heating system" and "technical requirements for environmental labeling products - solar collectors" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration have been officially enforced recently

carbon nanotubes, director of Guangdong solar energy thermal utilization Committee and chairman of five stars, also have other good properties such as optics and hydrogen storage. It is these good properties that make carbon nanotubes considered to be an ideal reinforcing material for polymer composites. Hu Guangliang said that the implementation of the standard will be conducive to the long-term development of the solar energy lubrication system without reinforcing sheets leading to rotating joints and moving parts, and the environmental protection is not up to standard Enterprises with inferior product quality will be eliminated

it is reported that the new technical standards put forward technical requirements and inspection methods for solar water heater products from three aspects: thermal performance, health and safety and light pollution. The fuzzy standards in the past enable small enterprises to muddle through, while the clear energy supply and environmental protection and health standards will eliminate them. It is necessary to pay attention to the applicability, which virtually improves the market access standards for solar products, The industry level will be greatly improved

as of 2005, China has produced more than 1000 solar related products, with more than 150000 employees and a total sales volume of $2.5 billion. However, China is not a strong country in the solar energy industry. The market share of the top ten enterprises is less than 20%. There are a large number of workshop enterprises, and the fake and inferior products produced are flooding the market. The whole industry presents a serious polarization situation

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