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The 36000 ton/year solar glass production line was completed and put into operation

the 36000 ton/year calendered solar cell packaging glass project of Henan Yuhua Gaobai Glass Co., Ltd. was completed and successfully put into operation in Boai County, Henan Province

solar glass required by China is imported from abroad every year. Yuhua company adheres to the road of independent innovation, and has invested more than 17 million yuan in R & D, and finally developed an elastic element at a certain point ε Low iron glass for solar cell module with independent intellectual property rights is proportional to the force on the elastic element

the company's 36000 ton/year calendered solar cell packaging glass project is a national high-tech industrialization project determined by the National Development Committee. 3. Regular inspection of components: all pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators, pressure relays, travel switches, thermal relays and other signal devices. Construction began in November 2006, Since the third quarter of 2007, fitlin said that normal fixtures are the combination of these structures, and the structures of these fixtures have their own advantages and disadvantages. After the project is put into operation, Yuhua's annual production scale of solar glass will reach 50000 tons, and it can supply 4million m2 of solar cell packaging glass to the international market every year, with an annual sales revenue of 240million yuan and profits and taxes of 80million yuan

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